Dolomite Achieves Specialization As Microsoft Information Worker

Dolomite Technology expands its Managed Services, Computer Repair and Data Backup and Recovery specializations to include qualification as a Microsoft Information Worker Solutions Specialist.

Under the new Microsoft Information Worker Solutions Specialization, Dolomite certifies itself as being fully capable to provide services and technologies for all of Microsoft’s 2007 line of products. As part of the specialization, Dolomite established that it understands the concept of "One World of Business" and how it can simplify technology to allow them to work together; that Dolomite understands that modern software is always on and always connected and how it can improve client systems to improve business insight. Finally, the certification shows it understands that technology need to be transparent to organizations and how to streamline processes and content management to better enable its clients.

Included in the service qualifications is the proven competency in collaboration and communication solutions. These solutions include the certified know-how for the design and migration of computer networks, software solutions, and their integration as well as certification in multiple communications solutions to include Sharepoint, Microsoft Exchange and more. Also included is multiple certifications in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions as well as Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solutions.

The recent Microsoft Information Worker Solutions Specialist is part of Dolomite’s Continual Effort to maintain and improve its certification credentials to better serve its customers, its staff, and the community.