IT Services Las Vegas

IT Services Las Vegas

Tech blogs are predicting that “the end of privacy” will be one of the biggest tech trends you’ll see in 2013. It’s not just about what you share on social media, hackers are able to see what you read on the internet and write in your emails…unless you actively seek to keep your information safe from viruses and malware. Dolomite Technology can protect your computer from all threats and daily back up your data. The end of privacy should mean the beginning of your partnership with Dolomite. Now, that’s something that should be trending!

We ensure that the data sent off-site is always an encrypted copy. At Dolomite Technology, we manage and monitor desktops, servers, software updates, antivirus software, data backup, email servers, spam software, and all web services for mobile devices. We are a Las Vegas managed I.T. company that provides an around-the-clock account manager, an I.T. help desk for problem solving, and an I.T. service desk for ensuring overall computer service for management strategy. We don’t stop there. Dolomite guarantees FULL email protection for your business, or your money back. If you don’t have 100% email availability you can receive a refund of ten times your monthly payment.

The Las Vegas Business Press awarded us with a Top Family Own Business in 2012 Award and we have partnerships with Xerox, Intel, Adobe, and H.P., to name a few. However, our Las Vegas IT Services will give you and your company the same treatment we give our most name-worthy clients.  We charge a flat rate with no hidden fees or minimal costs, during your one-year warranty. In addition to providing virus removal, hard drive recovery, and computer tune-ups, Dolomite also provides printer setups, audio fixing, and system upgrades. Additionally, residential customers may request a Computer Home Assistance Program (CHAP), which is a plan that offers unlimited remote support.

Dolomite’s IT Services staff in Las Vegas works hard to follow trends in computer market and to stay knowledgeable on all new security threats. Our technicians will anticipate and troubleshoot all your computer issues. Our backup service for your data ensures that files are automatically backed up every day. If the unthinkable happens and your computer is stolen, we can also easily restore your data to your new equipment. 

With so little control of what’s on the Internet, it’s pretty hard to be a control freak in 2013…but it’s pretty easy to call Dolomite for help: 855-365-6648. Dolomite, Your Technology Source, the best IT Services Las Vegas!!

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