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When it comes to Las Vegas Computer Support, Dolomite is the clear choice!!

It’s a common feeling. We’ve all wanted to throw our laptop out of a window when we notice it’s performing slower than usual, a sign that it may be the unfortunate recipient of a virus. The computer error messages become more frequent and disruptive. Suddenly the only image you see on the laptop is the reflection of your frustrated face in the glare of the blank screen. You don’t have to buy a new laptop just yet. Dolomite Technology not only fixes your computer, we will make it feel new again.

The Las Vegas Business Press awarded us with the Top Family Own Business in 2012 Award and we have partnerships with Xerox, Intel, Adobe, and Canon, to name a few. However, our Las Vegas computer support will give you and your company the same treatment we give our most name-worthy clients.  We charge a flat rate with no hidden fees or minimal costs, during your one-year warranty. In addition to providing virus removal, hard drive recovery, and computer tune-ups, Dolomite also provides printer setups, audio fixing, and system upgrades. Additionally, residential customers may request a Computer Home Assistance Program (CHAP), which is a plan that offers unlimited remote support.

Dolomite technicians have almost two decades of experience in Las Vegas computer support. Our staff understands that home is where the computer is. You can access the internet and work from any location- home, office, casino. So, why shouldn’t you also have full-day computer assistance? Dolomite provides all business owners and leaders with Las Vegas computer support that understands this urgency.

If you want peace of mind for your computer or network, call us toll-free at 1-855-365-6648.

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Las Vegas Computer Support Video Excerpt

Have you ever started to use your computer only to find out that it had a virus? Perhaps you’ve gone to work and found the network was down due to a server crash? Dolomite Technology can help resolve your computer support issues. We provide a help-desk and 24/7 customer support. All our packages include Anti-Virus to protect your computer as well as automatic backup of your computer system. We guarantee all our services for one year from the date of service.