Cloud Computing – Cloud Services

Business models are effectively incorporating the tools offered from cloud computing to develop new ways of accessing data and addressing data storage. Dolomite can help your company take advantage of these new tools and methods so that you can efficiently save on costs while building ROI.

The concept of cloud computing, also commonly referred to as cloud services, has been with us since the early days of the Internet when the network was seen as a cloud or service to which we sent messages to at one end and messages came out the other end. From surrounding message “packets,” cloud services grew to circulate around and produce webpage documents from the mere input of URL addresses, no matter where the service was.

Cloud Services Expanding

Today, such services are located on millions of server computers held in data service centers located throughout the world. The servers hold and store not only email, but software, applications and virtualization of operating systems as well.

Technology industry analyst Gartner predicts that consumer cloud services will be integrated in 90 percent of consumer devices connected to the Internet by 2013. They expect nearly a third of businesses to incorporate some form of cloud services in their business intelligence delivery systems by year end 2012. 

In a technical sense, cloud computing involves the abstraction of applications from the computer’s operating system and, as well, the abstraction of the operating system from the computer. The later is called virtualization, a part, but not all, of cloud computing.

Value Advantages

A new business model employs cloud computing to save capital costs by renting or leasing software packages in the cloud and using the optimized tools of cloud based email, collaboration tools and document storage. The Software as a Service (SaaS) packages have several obvious advantages:

  • Lower IT hardware assets and expenses
  • Simplify core business processes
  • Allow protected mobilization diversification

Costs are lowered, for example, with the use of SaaS accounting packages. Instead of placing individual packages of software on each computer, one secured package could be accessed via the cloud with the accounting agent operating and overseeing the processes on the cloud’s periphery.

Further simplification is produced as businesses add online office software to their core operations, avoiding fees for individual word processing, spreadsheet or presentation software. Importantly, Dolomite takes over responsibility for upgrading the centralized software, eliminating timely installation procedures and hardware maintenance.

Company guidelines, health and safety rules, team sites and shared workspaces can be held in online company wikis where they can be further collaboratively developed. Optimized online communication tools can sharpen company processes with centralized vehicles for instant messages,  chat and web conferencing.

What Dolomite Offers

Dolomite can put together cloud-based services packages for you that are optimized and scaled to your company’s needs. Our security staff maintains a 24-hour vigil over content, protecting it against loss with anti-intrusion systems, firewalls and backups.

Our Big Data solutions allow you to avoid heavy use of onsite computer storage, resources and network capacity. Our programmers work with your staff to produce expert methods for building and mining CRM and CMS systems and producing timely results. We discuss with you how your data is stored online and the backup and recovery processes.

We can provide you with hosted applications, communications, or storage packages from our servers or build an onsite intranet employing your own servers.  Our monthly fees are scaled to meet your budget and save you on expenses for IT services. Whether your environment is commercial, legal, health or other enterprise, from SaaS to Platforms as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Dolomite has a customized solution for you.

Cloud services, or cloud computing, is changing the way we do business today. Are you ready?

Common Features:

  • Often used as a way to increase capacity or add new capabilities without investing in new infrastructure
  • Cloud services are used as a rapid response to an increased need for capacity.
  • Cloud services can be provided to you on demand.
  • They are typically elastic, in other words, you can have as much or as little of a service as you want at any given time.
  • Finally and most importantly, with cloud computing, you only pay for what you need.

We have a fully staffed and trained service desk of systems administrators monitoring and responding to your tickets on a 24×7 basis. By using our services, both cloud and traditional services, you can receive IT assistance, monitoring, email, remote management, and remote assistance you are looking for.

Try our most popular Cloud Services to seamlessly help improve your business capabilities, while providing you the peace of mind you need:

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Hosted Instant Messaging

Hosted SharePoint

Hosted Voice Over IP (VOIP)