Henderson Computer Repair Services

Serving Henderson and the Las Vegas Valley Since 1996

Dolomite provides to City of Henderson computer repair services, computer maintenance, and computer support. In addition to Henderson computer repair,  we provide service to the rest of the Las Vegas Valley area, and surrounding communities. Dolomite gives you a team of dedicated professional computer technicians to help resolve your problems and repair your computer. All of our technicians are fully certified and trained to help resolve your problems quickly and efficiently.

Dolomite offers a range of computer repair services. Beyond general computer repair services, we offer complete computer tune-ups, data and hard-drive recovery as well as virus removal, malware removal and spyware removal. Additional services include printer troubleshooting, sound issue resolution, system setup, system upgrades, wireless network setup and advanced planning as you consider expanding your computer system or look to add another computer to your existing network.

Computer Tune-Ups
At Dolomite, our computer repair technicians take nothing for chance. When you come in for a system tune-up, we perform a complete diagnostic and take action to resolve or remote all conflicting issues that may make your system slow or unresponsive. All system tune-ups include Virus removal, Spyware removal, and Malware removal services, computer repairs to correct any bottlenecks, and complete system optimization to help your system run at the peak of its capacity.

Hard Drive Recovery / Data Recovery
If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstances of having a loss of data, such as when a hard-drive crashes or you accidentally lose a file, call Dolomite immediately to repair your computer hardware and recover your files. In many cases, we can recover your files within hours of receipt of your damaged equipment or identification of common problems.

Virus, Malware, and Spyware Removal
Viruses, Spyware, and Malware are one of the leading causes of computer issues and problems. Issues include computer slowness or complete stoppage, data loss, and can even give remote users unintentional access to your computer or its files. Contact Dolomite and we can repair your computer through the processing of a complete file and security inspection. Whether you need Henderson computer repair services or services in another area, our technicians will identify any issues or problems, resolve and repair if possible. If its not possible to perform the computer repair, we will remove the offending issues and secure your system against future infections.

Printer Setup and Troubleshooting
Printers are key to generating the output you need to perform work in today’s environment. If you have printer issues, contact our technical staff and we will quickly and efficiently resolve your printer problems.

Sound Issue Resolution
Some system have problems with sound or other audio issues that either suddenly or continually arise. Dolomite can help pinpoint these sounds issues and repair your computer hardware to help ensure these issues do not happen again in the future. Our computer repair technicians will correct the issues and guarantee it from happening again in the future. Contact Dolomite today to begin to resolve your audio and video issues.

System Upgrades
Many people are unaware of the many nuances involved when it comes to upgrading equipment or software. At Dolomite, our partnerships with core hardware vendors, complemented with the years of experience our computer repair technicians maintain, allow us to identify and resolve conflicting issues, repair your computer, and get you going back on the road quickly. If you are looking to upgrade your computer hardware or its software, please contact us today.

System History
By having your system repaired or serviced by Dolomite, your computer service and repairs are performed by a company that will keep and track your issues over time. Your system and its history are maintained in case you should need them for the future.

How Much Is This Going To Cost?
At Dolomite, we charge a flat rate for all of our computer repair services. There are No Hidden FeesNo Minimal Costs, and No Hourly Rates. We always provide a flat rate quote for any repair and back it up with a warranty on the service.

Can You Provide The Parts?
Dolomite can provide parts or you can provide your own parts. A lot of our competitors will force you to use their products in the repair and charge more for the parts to help hide how expensive they really are. At Dolomite, we believe every customer should have an option that most benefits their computer repair. You can bring your own parts or we can provide them for you. Please give us a call and we will provide you a written quote before each computer repair.

Does Dolomite Warranty Parts Provided In Computer Repair Services
Dolomite provides a one year warranty on all parts we provide for all Computer Repair services we perform. We also stand behind our services by providing a one year guarantee on all services we provide in the computer repair.

Does Dolomite Have A Store-Front or Office?
Dolomite has offices in Henderson, Las Vegas, and North Las Vegas. You can come out to our location or one of our technicians can meet you at your home or place of business. At Dolomite, we understand that you do not always have time to take out of your day and come to one of our office to have your computer repaired. Dolomite, including our technicians, are licensed and insured. In addition, all of our computer support technicians hold industry standard certifications for computer hardware, computer services, networking and operating systems. This is a minimal standard for Dolomite. We go the extra distance to ensure your computer repair is handled with care. Regardless of where your computer repair is performed, you can be confident in the service you can get with Dolomite.

So How Do You Know If You Need Our Services?
If you suffer from any of the following symptoms contact us to get started on your computer repair service. Symptoms include computer slowness, network slow, Internet down, wireless network slow, wireless network cannot be found, virus issues, spyware issues, malware issues, assistance with spyware removal, computer crashed, computer won’t start, power failure, computer died, can’t save data, my document issues, can’t save music, can’t save pictures, excel file issues, word document problems, virus removal, no power, hard drive issues, hard drive failure, video card upgrade, hard-drive upgrade, memory upgrade, operating system install, Windows XP problems, Windows Vista problems, Windows 7 problems, Windows server problems, Windows XP installation, Windows Vista installation, Windows 7 installation, Windows server installation, laptop issues, desktop issues, workstation issues, server issues, and any other computer issues or problems.

What Service Areas are Covered in Henderson?
Dolomite places special emphasis to provide Henderson computer repair services and solutions and to the Las Vegas Valley. To that extent, Dolomite provides full services throughout Henderson. Our technicians are available at our office or we can send our technicians to your business or home. Simply contact us to setup an appointment.

What Other Areas Are Covered?
Dolomite covers all areas of Nevada, Idaho from Boise South to the border, California from Barstow east to Las Vegas, Utah, west of Carson City, and Arizona from Kingman North to Nevada. Other cities in the area covered include Las Vegas Nevada, North Las Vegas Nevada, Henderson Nevada, Winchester Nevada, Ely Nevada, Whitney Nevada, Elko Nevada, Sun City Nevada, Green Valley Nevada, Boulder City Nevada, Summerlin Nevada, Paradise Nevada, Moapa Nevada, Sun City Nevada, Logandale Nevada, Seven Hills Nevada, Searchlight Nevada, Dolan Arizona, Meadview Arizona, Southern Hills Nevada, Black Mountain Nevada, Mt Charleston Nevada, Red Rock Nevada, Primm Nevada, Gene Nevada, Stateline Nevada, Enterprise Nevada, Coyote Springs Nevada, Lone Mountain Nevada, Goodsprings Nevada, Wells Nevada, Alamo Nevada, Lake Meade Area, Anthem Nevada, Mesquite Nevada, and more.

Do I Need To Drop Off My Computer or Laptop?
If you are having computer problems, you do not necessarily need to bring your computer into our office. Dolomite has the capability to resolve many computer problems remotely, as long as you have a network connection. This service is quick and efficient and in many cases we can have you up and going in only a few minutes without you having to make a trip to our offices or having you wait on our technicians to meet you at your business or residence. Please contact a Dolomite computer repair technician for further information on Dolomite’s remote computer repair or computer management offerings.

Does Dolomite Guarantee Its Computer Repairs?
Dolomite provides a one year warranty on all preventative maintenance services as well as any hardware or computer repair services Dolomite provides its customers in the course of any computer repairs.

Does Dolomite Service Businesses or Residential Customers?
Dolomite primarily services business customers and has extensive offerings targeted towards those customers. However, Dolomite has recently extended services to Residential Customers and continues to enxtend those services on a regular basis.

I heard Dolomite Has A Residential Unlimited Plan?
Dolomite’s Residential customers seeking regular year-round maintenance and management should ask for Dolomite’s Computer Home Assistance Program (CHAP). In fact, Dolomite takes its Residential offerings one step further by providing computer repair services to include UNLIMITED Remote Support and computer repair services. With the UNLIMITED Remote Support Program, customers receive as much support as they desire for a complete year. It doesn’t matter if its a computer repair issue, issues with software, hardware improvements, or simply questions on how a software programs works, your covered. Best of all, once the program is purchased, no matter how much you use it, there are no further costs when services are provided remotely.

What Brands Do You Service?
Dolomite is brand agnostic. We do not favor or support one brand any more or less than another. That being said, Dolomite emphasizes support on vendors it sells. Current vendor supported brands include Hewlett Packard (HP), Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Gateway, Sony, NEC, Panasonic, Viewsonic, Toshiba, Quantum, Seagate, CISCO, and many other brands. For further details on brands and equipment we provide vendor support for, please see our Partner Page.

How Can I Request That A Dolomite Computer Repair Technician Contact Me?
For more information about our computer repair services or products please Fill Out An Information Request Form and someone will return your call shortly. For immediate assistance, please contact us at 1-855-DOLOMITE (1-855-365-6648).

What exactly is Malware? What about Virus?
A virus is a small malicious program that can negatively affect the health of your computer. The programs can create files, move files, erase files, consume memory, and cause computers to fail to function correctly. Malware refers to programs designed to damage or do other unwanted actions. Malware includes viruses, worms, trojans, root kits, and many other harmful program variants. These and many other common terms can be found on our Computer Support & Technology Terms. For any clarification of what a term means, please contact one of our Computer Support Technicians, they will be more than happy to further explain any term you may have further questions on.