Managed Email Solutions

Email protection, availability, and compliance are a must for any successful and productive business. At Dolomite, we understand that. We understand that email communications are critical and that business cannot afford any email to be returned. In fact, we not only understand it, but we GUARANTEE YOUR EMAIL CONTINUITY.

We Guarantee 100% Email Continuity for your business or your money back. In-fact, if for any reason you do not receive 100% Email Continuity, we will return to you up to 3X your monthly payment.

So how do we do it? Dolomite works with the Best Technology Vendors and Equipment in the market to ensure your email communications success. Through our Email Solutions, further backed by McAfee, we block more than 99 percent of spam, viruses, and fraudulent messages before they reach your network.

We extend this protection to include policy enforcement on the content of outgoing mail, both email body and its attachments, to ensure your business processes remain compliant for your industry.

Email is today’s engine of productivity, with thousands of messages flowing through the typical company’s email servers every day. Managing email to ensure security and connectivity has become a huge task that continuously diverts IT  resources from strategic work that advances business goals. There is an easier way. Dolomite Managed Email Solutions is the answer.

Here are a few core features in Dolomite Email Solutions:

  • 24/7 Help Desk to monitor your email servers with real live people here in the US, not overseas, to help you when you need it
  • Stacked Classification Framework to block over 99 percent of spam
  • Triple Scanning of each message to effectively block viruses and worms
  • Protection again email attacks
  • Automatically filter outbound email
  • TLS security protection for organizations that need a higher level of security
  • Continuous email, even during power outages or other periods where your email server might otherwise become unavailable.
  • Zero-hour mass mailing worm protection
  • Fraud and Phishing Scam protection
  • Guaranteed 100% Email Solutions
  • And many other great features

If you are having email issues, are looking for more information, or just want to get started to take advantage of Dolomite’s 100% Email Guarantee, contact the Dolomite Technology Sales Team.