Networking Services

At Dolomite, we understand that not all clients have the same needs. With that in mind, we have developed multiple service offerings to cover all your Network Monitoring and Network Management needs.

All services come with the knowledge that we can work directly with the Manufacturers to help get you the product or setup that you desires. We are direct Resellers for Linksys, TrendNet, Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, and more. Whatever you need, most likely we can do it.

Network Monitoring and Maintenance

Downtime costs businesses money that could be prevented. Typically downtime is a result of poorly maintained or poorly implemented equipment.

At Dolomite, we have the ability to monitor and manage your network proactively to help resolve issues before they happen. We can remotely manage equipment, patch desktops, deploy new software, check for license compliance and more.

Our programs are tailed to fit your business needs and all programs start with Network Monitoring as a base. From there support can be tailed to be as broad as you like, such as to include regular compliance reporting or asset inventory reports, or limited to on call support such as if a device fails.

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Network and Computer Installation

We can help you plan and install your network and/or computer systems to best facilitate the space and resources available to you, to leverage the most productive and cost effective network for your business environment.

Support and Maintenance

Support may be received remotely over the Internet or support may be received on-site with a visit from one of our technicians. In addition, blocks of support time can be pre-purchased in advance at significant discounts. Please contact us to tailor a support package that best fits your company.

On Demand Support

Dolomite provides the ability to resolve issues remotely over the Internet, utilizing cutting-edge technology to access your system. We can resolve your problems by walking you through any issues that might arise or simply taking care of them ourselves. Our technicians are available to assist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On Site Technicians

Dolomite provides extended support for on-site administrators and technicians. Everyone needs assistance from time to time and we are here to help. Dolomite can provide hands-on assistance, research a problem, or technical training to help improve or manage any issues that might arise. Please contact us for further details.