Voice Over IP

Dolomite offers Business customers VoIP, Voice Over IP, phone communications integrated into the data network. VoIP allows both business and residential customers to make and receive calls anywhere they have an Internet connection. With cost savings up to 70%, VoIP is a cost effective way to scale your phone system as your business grows.

Contact Dolomite to perform a complete assessment of your business today. We’ll help you identify whether their are any potential problems with your network, allowing you to quickly establish and utilize our business-grade service to improve your bottom line.

VoIP Packages

  • Small Business Package – Want to get your business going, but need to have affordable phone service? With Dolomite’s Small Business VoIP Phone system, you get 2 Local and 1 Toll-Free Phone Numbers as well as Free Long Distance service. Whether focusing on a local presence or national, this package can help get you going quickly.
  • Multi-Line Business Package – With Dolomite’s Multi-Line Business VoIP Package, your business can have multiple incoming and multiple outgoing lines with Free Long Distance. This package is fully expandable to allow your phone service to grow with your business.
  • Privacy Line Service – Ever wanted to keep your cell phone number private, but plan on using it to keep in touch with customers? With a Privacy Line, you get a phone number you can give out to your customers which redirect them to your cell phone. When you are ready, this line can be converted to regular phone line.
  • Toll Free Redirect Service – Have a local number and want to add a Toll Free Number to route to it? Then this package is for you. Our Toll Free Service will route all calls to the number of your choice, whether an office phone, cell, or home. This package is perfect for any business looking to have a more professional look and feel.

Additional services include Customized Toll Free Numbers (also called Vanity Lines), Fax to Email with a Local Number, and Toll Free Fax to Email Numbers. VoIP services include our speed-start activation service, ensuring your services start within minutes of ordering, rather than days.

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