Taking Advantage of Dolomite’s Special Offers

Take advantage of Dolomite’s special offers. Anything from a lower priced anti-virus software to discounted computer management solutions. Dolomite has what you are looking for, for a fraction of the cost. Times are difficult and everyone needs help to stay on top of their problems. Dolomite would like to help you stay above your computer and networking problems with our simple solutions. Dolomite’s simple solutions will give you a much needed financial relief from those pricier computer repair companies.

Dolomite offers its computer services at a fixed monthly rate, so that there are no surprises or bumps of extra expenditures in the middle of your month. Our technical staff is available 24/7 so that if you find yourself in dyer need, we will be there to help. All of our technicians are A+ certified, making them qualified professionals ready to assist you with your computer needs.
Times may be tough but that doesn’t mean you should go without things you need to keep you and your business running. Dolomite’s small business plan (RAMP) and residential plan (CHAP) offer the support you need at a price you can afford. So if you are looking for something to speed up your internet or want your crucial data backed-up to a secure site, give us a call. We will give you the information you need to make the best decision.
To learn more about Dolomite’s affordable solutions visit our Web site at www.dolomitelv.com or speak with one of our representatives at 866-575-3690.
Dolomite is a Technology Services company focused on easing the technological burdens of its customers. An Award Winner for Best IT Service for Small and Mid-size Business, Dolomite strives to ensure that the customer is taken care of. Dolomite manages and maintains technology services, allowing customers to get back to the business of making money. Some of the services Dolomite provides include Managed Technology Services, Security Auditing, Computer Repair and Sales, Data Backup and Recovery Services and other computer services.