The Day Has Come

Have you ever waited a long time for something to come in the mail? Then the day that you say, “It can come whenever,” is the day that it arrives in the mail. This makes you super excited about your day. You open the package and play with what you ordered for hours on end. It’s like Christmas all over again.

Many of you will be experiencing that day today (or soon) because you should be getting your Windows 7 upgrade. For those of you who haven’t ordered yours, it is never too late to get upgraded to something better. Even though you may be content with Windows XP, with Windows 7 you can have both. Windows 7 allows you to switch between XP mode and 7 mode. For more information regarding Windows 7 visit Microsoft.
Dolomite is offering three months of free computer support and free installation with the purchase of Windows 7. For more information regarding Dolomite’s computer service visit our web site at or contact us directly at 702-944-9922.
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