5 Reasons Why You Need Good IT Support If Your Antivirus Fails

When your computer or network has been compromised by an attack, the best course of action is to call a reliable computer support service that can use advanced measures to deal with the matter in a swift and effective way.

1. Quick Response

This is perhaps the greatest advantage that a professional computer support service can offer. When it comes to viruses, a fast response is key, as, in some cases, it can offer the opportunity to save or recover seemingly lost data or reduce the amount of time needed to restore the system to its full operative state.

2. Obtaining a Valid Assessment

Sometimes you can’t even be sure who or what has caused the damage you see on your computer screen. As a result, getting more powerful anti-virus software may or may not have any effect – for instance, if the problem is caused by a type of malware that antivirus programs aren’t usually able to deal with.

As a result, for a good assessment of the situation, it is much better to call your IT support service and ask them to send someone over so they can provide you with the information you need and determine what needs to be done.

3. Data Retrieval and Other Solutions

If you were attacked by a “worm” or an intelligent virus that managed to bypass the antivirus and computer security system, chances are that various functional features may have been disabled and files could have been corrupted or removed entirely.

When you ask for help from a computer support service, they will be able not only to eliminate the virus, but also to use data retrieval technology to recover your files and restore your systems without having to reinstall it.

4. Enhancing Your Online Security

These services can also update your antivirus, anti-malware and any other security software you may use and even install new technology that can help you avoid this type of problem in the future. If you own a business where data loss and long term computer maintenance can cause a lot of financial difficulties, this will potentially save you a lot of money.

5. Restoring Normal Operations

Finally, restoring your computers to their regular functioning capacity will take a lot less time if you hire a professional service for the job. A quality computer support service such as Dolomite can eliminate the crisis easily and help you get on with your work without having to take risky, time consuming measures that could even make the damage worse.