Announcing Managed Data Storage & Recovery Service

Need a backup plan in case something goes wrong but don’t know where to start? Dolomite Technology is pleased to announce Managed Storage and Recovery Service. Dolomite Technology, the leader in Technology Services in the Las Vegas Area now has a service dedicated to help small and mid-size business users get the backup capabilities in order.

With Dolomite’s service package, Dolomite will come in and assist getting your service center in line with backup capabilities to ensure your business is prepared should something go wrong. Call Dolomite today and start with a free consultation. Dolomite will sit down and assist you in building a complete plan to get your organization ready. We will then follow that up by having our technicians come in and set you up, test the configuration, and perform monthly follow-ups to ensure you are ready should a situation arise that demands the backup plan be implemented.

To further increase your preparedness, Dolomite can provide systems fail-over to the backup server within seconds. This helps ensure your business is running smoothly and efficiently regardless of the situation and provides a significant return on investment as well as peace of mind.

Dolomite’s Managed Data Storage & Recovery Service is just one example of how Dolomite Technology continues to lead Las Vegas through Disaster Recovery, Data Storage, and Data Backup opportunities to help them prepare their business.

If you are interested in how Dolomite Technology can help your business please call Dolomite Technology at 1-866-575-3690 or click here.

About Dolomite
Dolomite is a Managed Services Company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dolomite manages business computer networks, phone systems, printers, POS Equipment, as well as provides computer services and computer repairs. Serving Las Vegas since 1996, Dolomite was the first Managed Service Company in the Las Vegas Area. Computer sales, computer rentals, and computer programming are additional technology services provided by Dolomite Technology.