Anti-Virus Computer Support and Assistance – Why You May Need Reliable Security Support

There are many important reasons why you may need the services provided by an IT computer support service. While virus attacks and other security issues don’t always happen every day, they are a very real threat – especially if you don’t use the right antivirus software – and should be dealt with accordingly.

Going Beyond Regular Anti-virus Maintenance

Services able to offer quick and straightforward response through anti-virus computer support and assistance often have access to security software that you may not know about. Viruses are, after all, only one potential threat that your company may face, and, even when it comes only to choosing an anti-virus program that could truly be efficient, you may need the advice of a professional if you want to avoid any attacks getting through.

Companies that provide regular onsite and remote support for their clients, such as Dolomite, will be able to ensure not only that your computers are up to date with the most advanced antivirus security measures in place, but can also protect your networks, provide countermeasures in case of an external attack and make sure that all your systems run properly and are stable enough to allow for a smooth functionality.

Virus Removal and Data Saving

Both in the case of potential and actual virus threats, IT computer support and security companies can ensure that:

  • Your computers are constantly updated with the newest antivirus software and security measures on a daily basis, without affecting your speed or productivity.
  • Viruses are dealt with in a timely fashion without any threat to your business operations.
  • The vital information and data files stored on your computers are well-protected and can be recovered even in the case that some files were completely erased.
  • You get information about the newest tools and updates available that can counter the numerous online virus and malware attack,s which may otherwise cause significant damage to your IT systems.

Additional services may include custom scanning preferences, the detection of threats in running processes, enhanced firewall protection, as well as installation, maintenance and advanced protection measures for your computers and networks.

In most cases, these companies will not ask for substantial fees. However, even if their services may seem somewhat costly, you have to remember that virus and hacker attacks are a very real threat today, and there are many companies that have lost millions of dollars because of using a less reliable security system.

For the small investment you make, the computer support service you hire will also by at your side, either in person or remotely, to solve all your problems 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, while providing you with all the advice and the most up to date antivirus software and security measures available.