August Data Storage Giveaways

In an effort to make businesses and their personnel more conscious about the problems businesses face who are not prepared for data loss, Dolomite is giving away 3 months of Data Backup and Storage Services. The Data Backup and Storage Services include weeks of archiving of data, daily data backups, and an interface giving business owners and personnel the ability to change and monitor their data storage and recovery solutions.

Dolomite’s Storage Services provides constant data backup to its clients and helps prepare businesses should they face a situation where data becomes corrupt or is lost. Dolomite Data Storage and Recovery Solutions provides peace of mind in an era where business continuity is key to staying alive. Dolomite’s data storage and data recovery solutions allows for complete data recovery within minutes of initiating a recovery process. In addition, the software allows for recovery of individual files that may have been accidentally deleted.

For more information on how to participate in Dolomite’s Data Backup and Data Recovery solutions please contact us at 1-866-575-3690.