Comprehensive Solutions to Backup Your Computer – Managed IT Services

Computers are becoming integral parts of our day to day life, making the protection of the data stored in your computer essential if you are to conduct your business in an efficient, successful manner – an issue that is best taken care of by managed IT services.

If your computer crashes, the security of your system is breached by an attack or your hard drive is contaminated by a virus, your data can be partially damaged or even completely lost, but if you have a proper backup system in place, it can be easily recovered, allowing you to continue your activity without any or only very little hindrance.

The online, remote backup and restore (BUR) services provided by cloud computing companies are useful and cost-efficient ways to safeguard all the data that passes through your system. Having managed IT services remote backup and restore system in place comes with numerous advantages:

  • Managed IT Services usually provide 24/7 monitoring for your system. Your service provider will take responsibility for safeguarding your data by providing regular, usually daily backup of your data, giving you the peace of mind that your files are completely safe.
  • These services are available for very reasonable fees, reducing your operating costs considerably.
  • Managed IT services usually come in the form of flexible plans that allow you to pay only for the services that you use. The best service providers will conduct an audit of your needs prior to closing any deal with you, and they will build a customized solution for you that you can also test.
  • Providers of data backup services have access to the latest technology, and they work with the most complex, state-of-the-art security systems, so your data is safer on their servers than in your own company systems.

If you are looking for a dedicated service to handle your backup-related issues, Dolomite is a company that provides both on-site and remote support 24/7. The business packages offered by the company include not only data backup, but protection against virus and malware attacks, the efficient removal of malicious software and computer repair as well.

The state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions offered by the company in the form of managed IT services will give you the peace of mind that your computer system is safe, allowing you to focus on the growth of your enterprise: whatever your backup requirements are, the experts at Dolomite will help you choose the best backup solution.

Off-Site Data Backup with the Help of Managed IT Services

The off-site data backup solutions offered by Managed IT Services are frequently used as part of recovery plans to prevent the loss of important data, should a disaster happen. This type of data protection involves the use of storage devices or data centers with the purpose of removing data from the main system and storing your files in data vaults.

These easy-to-use and cost-efficient solutions provide enhanced protection for your data – all you need is a provider of managed IT services and a broadband connection to the internet. Your service provider will install a piece of software on your computer that will select the data to be transferred to the storage device; then, it takes care of the encryption and compression of your data and transfers the data to the storage center. Encryption is important, because it makes your data unintelligible for intruders who do not possess your unique encryption key. After transfer, the data stored in such storage sites called vaults is instantly accessible to you on a password-authorized basis.

Additional Benefits of Utilyzing a Managed IT Services Provider

Besides being safe and comfortable, this type of managed IT services comes with a number of additional benefits and advantages:

  • Off-site data backup is a very cost-effective storage solution, as it does not require you to invest extensively into your own storage devices and into the maintenance of these devices. Customers usually pay a monthly fee to the Managed IT Services provider and the plans are customized to the customer’s needs.
  • Off-site storage solutions use encrypted network connections, making them highly reliable and safe.
  • Your data is regularly and automatically backed up. This means that the storage of your files and the maintenance of the storage media is no longer handled by one of your employees, so you and your personnel can focus on your business-related tasks more efficiently. Automated off-site backup systems also eliminate the possibility of human error, like mixing up or losing storage devices.
  • Service providers usually store your archives in multiple vaults, and they archive previous versions of your files and deleted files as well.

24/7 monitoring, assisted implementation, flexible and personalized storage options and permanent technical support – these are the features that characterize the best providers when it comes to offsite backup solutions. As one of the most appreciated providers of off-site backup options, Dolomite integrates all these features into their Managed IT Services, so that you can be sure your data is safe at all times.

Convenient Remote Repair and Computer Support Services for All Your IT Needs

During the past few years, companies offering computer support and repair services have been advancing just as fast as IT technology itself. While many more issues have arisen as a result of new types of software being developed and online threats becoming more sophisticated, the advanced expertise and skill of computer repair workers have allowed them to keep on top of things and even provide many of their services remotely, without even having to visit a customer in order to diagnose and repair an error or malfunction.

Why Hire a Remote Computer Support Service?

There are many reasons why a remote repair service can be better than a regular one:

  • First of all, remote repair will solve your problems without disrupting your daily activities.
  • You don’t have to wait for a staff member to drive to your location, and you don’t need to take your computer to the service headquarters.
  • Many errors and problems that may seem advanced can actually be dealt within a matter of minutes with the help of an experienced remote technician.
  • You can solve all your problems and continue your work without costly interruptions and time consuming repair tasks.

Can All Computer Support Problems Be Dealt with Remotely?

Remote computer support services are able to help you with many problems, including spyware, Trojan and virus removal, data backup, system speed maintenance, networking issues, operating system errors and lock ups and much more.

Some problems, however, may require onsite repair, as they may either be too complex for remote repairs or may also involve hardware problems. Therefore, if you are looking to hire a reliable repair company for long term collaboration, the best course of action would be to find one that provides helpful repair services both remotely and onsite. A good example would be Dolomite – a reliable and professional firm offering repair and maintenance services.

Many dedicated companies strive to do everything in their power to help you deal with even the most advanced problems in a timely manner with the help of their remote services. Some of them even state that you don’t have to pay any fees or costs unless they are capable of providing you with a solution.

Even though many software problems still require onsite repair, there is much talk that, in the future, remote access will be one of the most common ways of providing any types of IT repair services. Companies offering computer support continue to supply better, more improved remote services, and the advantages gained from this endeavor have become clearly visible over the past 2 or 3 years.

What Is a Computer Virus and How to Protect Yourself Against It with Managed IT Services

Computer viruses come in all shapes and forms, and they pose a permanent threat to your software, your files, even your hardware – a threat efficiently eliminated by Managed IT Services by providing permanently updated anti-virus solutions for your system.

Computer viruses are extremely varied. They do not behave the same way, they do not replicate or harm your computer the same way. Here are the most frequently encountered types:

  • Trojans – these programs look like useful, legitimate tools that perform a certain function on your computer, but, once installed, they can damage your computer by ruining or deleting certain files, and they compromise the security of your system by providing another computer access to your contents.
  • Worms – this virus subclass spreads through your system by replicating itself infinitely. Worms can send themselves through email systems without human aid, burdening your system so much that servers and individual computers may not be able to handle the surge of data and stop responding.
  • Macro viruses – they use the macro language of certain applications to spread themselves, and they usually infect spreadsheets and text documents.
  • Time bombs – these viruses are programmed to set off at a specific time, or their “explosion” is triggered by a certain pre-programmed event, like the person who created them gets fired.

Managed IT services can protect your computers against all these malicious attacks. These services take over the security management of your computer system and they provide permanent monitoring, virus scanning and instant response to attempted virus attacks. Managed anti-virus services perform scans and clean-ups through software installed on the computers licensed; outsourcing virus protection by turning to a service of this type also means that you will not need servers or expensive software of your own to scan your system, allowing you to reduce both capital costs and overhead expenses.

Managed IT services are not free, but the fees paid are insignificant compared to the costs of replacing the software and hardware damaged on the event of a virus attack, not to mention the costs caused by data loss and IT downtime.

If you are looking for a reliable, reputable provider of managed IT services, Dolomite is one of the best possible choices: their managed IT services are not only reasonably priced, but also comprehensive, using the latest technology to provide 24/7 system monitoring, with state-of-the-art virus protection included into many of their business packages, free of charge.

The Benefits of a Reliable IT Remote Repair and Computer Support Service

With everything being online these days, it is no wonder that many companies choose a remote computer support service over old fashioned ones for dealing with their computer repair issues.

Of course, depending on the skills of the remote technicians and the types of remote software they have at their disposal, the quality of their computer support services can differ both in terms of time and efficiency; however, when compared with regular, onsite computer repair, these types of services are much more superior in a variety of ways.

What Is Remote Repair Computer Support All About?

A remote repair session basically involves companies that offer repair services with the help of a special type of software that allows their technicians to temporarily take control of your computer remotely (through the internet) in order to deal with the problems you may have.

These can include driver installation difficulties, antivirus software installation and malware removal, wireless network setup, finding the causes of various crashes, as well as many other software or OS related issues you may have.

Also, professional remote repair firms can connect to virtually any type of device, be it a laptop or desktop computer or a mobile device such as a tablet PC. In the case of most companies, you can ask for remote assistance any time of day, and you can benefit from their highly advanced skills to solve any software related issue in a matter of minutes.

The Main Advantages of Remote Computer Support

The most important benefit of having a remote technician solve your computer-related problems is speed. Remote access can be granted in seconds, and your technician will be able to become familiar with your problem without having to ask your about it on the phone.

Also, it has been determined that more than 98% of all problems can be solved remotely, so, unless your computer presents a special case, you won’t need to wait for a computer expert to come to your home or office.

This also poses a matter of convenience for many people who are uncomfortable with having a stranger in their home. It is much more comfortable to just sit back and allow the company representative to work on their problem without disrupting their daily activities.

Moreover, you can completely avoid the inconvenience of scheduling service calls and waiting for the technician to arrive later than scheduled.

Even though you can’t get the benefit of having your video card or hard drive replaced through remote repair, when it comes to software support, most potential problems can be solved in a far more convenient way through remote computer support than any other method currently available in the industry.