The Benefits of Anti-Virus Software – Keeping You Company Computers Safe

Protecting your company computers is becoming more and more of a challenge, as the number of different types of anti-virus software has been growing exponentially in recent years, and most firms these days are simply at a loss as to what to look for.

Fortunately, IT management and security experts can provide numerous guidelines and solutions to solve these problems – you simply need to know where to look.

Enhanced Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Protection

While back in the “old days” – which is more like just a few years ago – anti-spyware features were only a part of special types of software designed solely for detecting adware and spyware and keeping it off the user’s personal or office computer, today, most anti-virus software solutions designed both for personal and business use also include anti-spyware and anti-malware detection capabilities.

Also, protection against identity thefts is becoming more and more complex. Most spyware threats come from sophisticated programs that can log and record passwords or financial data in real time, and the programs you use to counter such threats needs to be equally smart and even more powerful.

The importance of finding a reliable anti-virus that can eliminate or at least reduce the challenges and risks associated with these types of threats, therefore, is more and more pressing.

Protecting Company Networks

Lately, the complexity and progress of anti-virus software has grown at the same rate as that of company networking solutions. With the need for better, more complicated networks, however, the number of threats has also become more worrisome, so that anti-virus providers were forced to step up their game:

  • Endpoint protection is no longer the sole advantage required by a large company’s network. Today’s anti-virus solutions operate with the speed and customization options of tomorrow, with constant improvements being added to each new update.
  • Some software solutions offer support for overseeing the entire security of a network from a single location, tweaking various settings and having them come into effect everywhere at the touch of a single button.
  • Notifications can be set up with a great deal of options, ranging from the setup of network monitoring features to  the creation of notification priorities and designating critical thresholds for obtaining timely information regarding specific events.

A More Secure Cloud with Anti-Virus Software

One of the key benefits of running a business online is the ability to enhance the speed, mobility and productivity rate of your company with the help of cloud services.

Connections to cloud services, however, are less secure than one might think, and require some of the best anti-virus solutions for highly distributed environments, offering remote installation features, unified reporting of malware threats, protection for different types of workstations, platforms and mobile devices and more.

One of the few companies that offer powerful solutions for cloud and network protection is Dolomite Technology. Among many other services, such as remote IT repairs or secure password protection, we also provide constant network monitoring services and high end anti-virus software solutions designed to offer full endpoint and network protection, while minimizing the consumption of system or network resources.

5 Reasons Why You Need Good IT Support If Your Antivirus Fails

When your computer or network has been compromised by an attack, the best course of action is to call a reliable computer support service that can use advanced measures to deal with the matter in a swift and effective way.

1. Quick Response

This is perhaps the greatest advantage that a professional computer support service can offer. When it comes to viruses, a fast response is key, as, in some cases, it can offer the opportunity to save or recover seemingly lost data or reduce the amount of time needed to restore the system to its full operative state.

2. Obtaining a Valid Assessment

Sometimes you can’t even be sure who or what has caused the damage you see on your computer screen. As a result, getting more powerful anti-virus software may or may not have any effect – for instance, if the problem is caused by a type of malware that antivirus programs aren’t usually able to deal with.

As a result, for a good assessment of the situation, it is much better to call your IT support service and ask them to send someone over so they can provide you with the information you need and determine what needs to be done.

3. Data Retrieval and Other Solutions

If you were attacked by a “worm” or an intelligent virus that managed to bypass the antivirus and computer security system, chances are that various functional features may have been disabled and files could have been corrupted or removed entirely.

When you ask for help from a computer support service, they will be able not only to eliminate the virus, but also to use data retrieval technology to recover your files and restore your systems without having to reinstall it.

4. Enhancing Your Online Security

These services can also update your antivirus, anti-malware and any other security software you may use and even install new technology that can help you avoid this type of problem in the future. If you own a business where data loss and long term computer maintenance can cause a lot of financial difficulties, this will potentially save you a lot of money.

5. Restoring Normal Operations

Finally, restoring your computers to their regular functioning capacity will take a lot less time if you hire a professional service for the job. A quality computer support service such as Dolomite can eliminate the crisis easily and help you get on with your work without having to take risky, time consuming measures that could even make the damage worse.

Anti-Virus Computer Support and Assistance – Why You May Need Reliable Security Support

There are many important reasons why you may need the services provided by an IT computer support service. While virus attacks and other security issues don’t always happen every day, they are a very real threat – especially if you don’t use the right antivirus software – and should be dealt with accordingly.

Going Beyond Regular Anti-virus Maintenance

Services able to offer quick and straightforward response through anti-virus computer support and assistance often have access to security software that you may not know about. Viruses are, after all, only one potential threat that your company may face, and, even when it comes only to choosing an anti-virus program that could truly be efficient, you may need the advice of a professional if you want to avoid any attacks getting through.

Companies that provide regular onsite and remote support for their clients, such as Dolomite, will be able to ensure not only that your computers are up to date with the most advanced antivirus security measures in place, but can also protect your networks, provide countermeasures in case of an external attack and make sure that all your systems run properly and are stable enough to allow for a smooth functionality.

Virus Removal and Data Saving

Both in the case of potential and actual virus threats, IT computer support and security companies can ensure that:

  • Your computers are constantly updated with the newest antivirus software and security measures on a daily basis, without affecting your speed or productivity.
  • Viruses are dealt with in a timely fashion without any threat to your business operations.
  • The vital information and data files stored on your computers are well-protected and can be recovered even in the case that some files were completely erased.
  • You get information about the newest tools and updates available that can counter the numerous online virus and malware attack,s which may otherwise cause significant damage to your IT systems.

Additional services may include custom scanning preferences, the detection of threats in running processes, enhanced firewall protection, as well as installation, maintenance and advanced protection measures for your computers and networks.

In most cases, these companies will not ask for substantial fees. However, even if their services may seem somewhat costly, you have to remember that virus and hacker attacks are a very real threat today, and there are many companies that have lost millions of dollars because of using a less reliable security system.

For the small investment you make, the computer support service you hire will also by at your side, either in person or remotely, to solve all your problems 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, while providing you with all the advice and the most up to date antivirus software and security measures available.

Dolomite Nominated As Best Family Owned Business in Nevada 2013!!!

As a company that has roots going back in this Industry for almost 18 years, Dolomite was thrilled when Nevada Business Magazine informed us that we were a nominee as for Nevada’s Best Family Owned Business in the category of “Wave of the Future”.

Family Owned Businesses are an important part of our nation. They are one of the largest job creators in our country and a key component of our economy. Family owned organizations are an integral part of the community. Family members in business are loyal and dedicated to the family enterprise.

Dolomite’s nomination for one of Nevada’s Best Family Owned Business comes at a time when Dolomite is continuing to pursue new opportunities pushing forward the company’s continued success. The company continues to grow even as it welcomes its next generation of Family Members at the office. It now involves three generations of family throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

Comprehensive Solutions to Backup Your Computer – Managed IT Services

Computers are becoming integral parts of our day to day life, making the protection of the data stored in your computer essential if you are to conduct your business in an efficient, successful manner – an issue that is best taken care of by managed IT services.

If your computer crashes, the security of your system is breached by an attack or your hard drive is contaminated by a virus, your data can be partially damaged or even completely lost, but if you have a proper backup system in place, it can be easily recovered, allowing you to continue your activity without any or only very little hindrance.

The online, remote backup and restore (BUR) services provided by cloud computing companies are useful and cost-efficient ways to safeguard all the data that passes through your system. Having managed IT services remote backup and restore system in place comes with numerous advantages:

  • Managed IT Services usually provide 24/7 monitoring for your system. Your service provider will take responsibility for safeguarding your data by providing regular, usually daily backup of your data, giving you the peace of mind that your files are completely safe.
  • These services are available for very reasonable fees, reducing your operating costs considerably.
  • Managed IT services usually come in the form of flexible plans that allow you to pay only for the services that you use. The best service providers will conduct an audit of your needs prior to closing any deal with you, and they will build a customized solution for you that you can also test.
  • Providers of data backup services have access to the latest technology, and they work with the most complex, state-of-the-art security systems, so your data is safer on their servers than in your own company systems.

If you are looking for a dedicated service to handle your backup-related issues, Dolomite is a company that provides both on-site and remote support 24/7. The business packages offered by the company include not only data backup, but protection against virus and malware attacks, the efficient removal of malicious software and computer repair as well.

The state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions offered by the company in the form of managed IT services will give you the peace of mind that your computer system is safe, allowing you to focus on the growth of your enterprise: whatever your backup requirements are, the experts at Dolomite will help you choose the best backup solution.