Dolomite Technology Launches New Website

Powered by our DE content management system, the new Dolomite Technology website has been redesigned from top to bottom to promote more in-depth information of our services, faster page loading, and improved usability and easier navigation of our website.

This marks the end of the first stage of the overhaul of customer web services. The next aspect, the Customer Support Center, starts its upgrade and over-haul on Monday November 5th and will come online the morning of November 9th. The new web support environment will be a dramatic improvement in the appearance, navigability, accessibility and usability of the support center. The goal of the center is to help businesses and others find the help they need without having to pay for support or purchase a monthly service program.

“Although we hope businesses will turn to us if they need support, our first priority is to provide the support they need to improve their business. There success is our success.” explained Matthew Hutchings, President of Dolomite Technology, “This will be the start of a continually expanding overhaul of information, from our own website to the support center. We hope that by helping businesses find support for common issues, that we can help more small businesses succeed where they might otherwise fail. If in the process our actions motivate others to participate in expanding the support wiki, then it will be all the more a success.”