Dolomite Launches Economic Hardship Program

A supporter of the community, Dolomite listened to community members and organizations recently at Dolomite’s Town Hall meeting. During the meeting, Dolomite was asked to reduce prices to better support businesses facing tough times due to the economic downturn. In answer to these questions, Dolomite has reduced prices on multiple products and services.

Although only temporary, Dolomite has committed to a 20% to 30% reduction for small and mid-size businesses through the end of the year. Combined with the free business assessments, Dolomite allows a business to completely evaluate its technology support needs and take advantage of steep discounts to prepare the business for the 2009 year while reinforcing its ability to weather the shrinking market.

To learn how you can take advantage of reduced prices to better position your business, please contact us at 1-866-575-3690.