Dolomite Launches Flat-Rate Small Business Service Plan

Dolomite Technology, one of the leading computer service providers in Las Vegas, announced the availability of a flat-rate Small Business Computer Service and Computer Support plan to the public. The program, known as the Small Business Computer Assistance Program, is open to any business with less than 50 computers.

The computer service and support plan provides small businesses a full-line of support services. Services include computer repair, consulting on computer purchases, help-desk support, computer training, microsoft office support, and email troubleshooting.

The Small Business Computer Assistance Program is managed by Dolomite’s Technical Support Staff starting off with continuous management and monitoring over the Internet as well as the availability to receive additional support at a customer’s site. The program has been specifically built to help small business users overcome the obstacles faced when looking for assistance with computer repairs, re-installation of software, email problems, or just need some other type of computer assistance or computer consulting. 

The program provides unlimited remote computer support for every computer that is part of the program. When users choose the Computer Assistance Program, remote computer support is commonly used to install software, such as Microsoft Office, as well as to help walk a customer through a variety of other computer support issues. In most cases, Dolomite’s Computer Technicians can remotely connect to the customer’s computer and resolve computer problems with-in a few minutes.

One of the best features available to potential customers, is the ability to receive assistance learning or performing common computer software issues. When customers need to perform a task on their computer and need some assistance, Dolomite technicians, after connecting to a customer’s computer, can guide computers through the tasks step-by-step so they can see first hand what needs to happen. If necessary, Customers can grant Dolomite’s Computer Support personnel the ability to take control of the client’s computer.

In cases where Remote Support is not feasible, such as when a computer system needs computer repair, Dolomite can dispatch a technician to the customers location to perform the actions necessary to initiate the computer repair. Even after the technician completes his computer repair service, Dolomite follows up with the customer to ensure that the Customer’s computer repair was a success.