Dolomite Launches New Help Desk Initiative

Dolomite Technology announced on February 6th, the availability of a new Help Desk Initiative to businesses seeking technical assistance. The program will provide users with technical assistance to resolve computer problems as well as to answer general questions on how a program might work.

The Help Desk initiative provides users with unlimited technical assistance at a flat monthly rate starting at less than a 80 cents a day ($0.80). Even the most encompassing program, the Gold Program comes out at only a $1 a day for workstations.

Dolomite takes the help desk one step further by extending support to printers, routers, switches, and other technology equipment that a customer may want to seek support for. This allows customers the ability to centralize any technology concerns with Dolomite as the one-stop shop to provide the answers.

About Dolomite
Dolomite is a Managed Services Company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dolomite manages business computer networks, Phone Systems, Printers, POS Equipment, as well as all computer service and computer repair required by a customer. Serving Las Vegas since 1996, Dolomite was the first Managed Service Company in the Las Vegas Area.