Dolomite Technology Nominated As Best In Nevada

On October 30th, Dolomite Technology received a nomination for being one of the Best IT Service Companies in Nevada Serving Small Businesses, the only company to receive the distinction in the Las Vegas area. The nomination goes a long-way to recognizing Dolomite Technology in its efforts at serving the Small and Mid-Size Business Community.

The JD Edwards Technology Committee, awarded the nomination to Dolomite as a result of the companies continued “Excellence and Outstanding Customer Satisfaction” in supporting small and mid-size business.

Dolomite Technology has worked agressively to make sure that businesses of all sizes get an equal opportunity to receive the support they need to make them a success. Mentioned at the nomination was Dolomite’s Total Solutions Package. The Total Solutions Package allows businesses to get complete managed care of all there IT assets, complete with a replacement of there computers every three years, a licensed copy of Microsoft Outlook, an enterprises level Network Gateway solution, and 24-7 support. This dedication to service is what places Dolomite apart from other IT Service companies in Nevada.

Dolomite looks forward to the final results to be released later this year.