Dolomite Technology Prepares for House Preview

Dolomite Technology will be opening a new Support Center to the public on November 9th. Although an official “Open House” will come at a later point when construction is complete, a “Preview” will be open to the public where individuals and businesses can come out and meet the staff, learn about services offered at the new location and/or find out about potential job openings. When asked why a “Preview”, Matthew Hutchings, President of Dolomite, responded “So customers can see what its like at the beginning and what it will be like upon completion”.

The new location is at 2950 S Rancho Drive in downtown Las Vegas, just south of Palace Station. The center will focus on customer service and sales support to the Las Vegas area. In addition, the location has a classroom capable of sitting close to 50 people comfortably, where customers can receive free computer training, as well as take part in paid classes starting in December of this year.

The full opening, along with an “Official Open House”, will not take place until December 7th.

The location will only be temporary as Dolomite prepares an as of yet undisclosed location to be opened in the summer of 2009.