Dolomite To Attend Websense Convention in San Diego

Dolomite Technology has announced that select members of its staff will be attending the Websense Convention in San Diego, California. Websense is the world’s leading provider of Employee Internet Management (EIM) solutions.

Dolomite Technology with its business-to-business focus, is a partner with Websense, and is currently working on improving and extending its security programs and services to its customers. Dolomite’s upcoming attendence of the Websense Convention is part of the security solutions and improvement efforts.

Websense Software Solutions enable companies to experience higher employee productivity, enhanced network performance, and lower security risks. Information Technology managers are able to assign flexible employee policies restricting access to hazardous Web sites, and potentially dangerous network applications such as peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing, instant messaging (IM), employee hacking tools and spyware.

Websense allows technology managers the ability to track and manage Internet traffic, ports and other network concerns that may exploit virus or Web-based worm attacks, cause network bandwidth drain, or potential release the unauthorized exposure of confidential materials. Dolomite recognizes these concerns and works with Websense to leverage Websense software and applications to assist its customers.

Dolomite currently offers free trials and consultation to customers. If you are interested in securing your network, reducing your security risks, and/or improving your employee productivity, please call Dolomite Technology at 1-866-575-3690.

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