Dolomite Wins State of Nevada Contract

Dolomite Technology, leveraging its recent partnership with Double-Take Software, was recently announced as the Winner of a State of Nevada / Department of Motor Vehicles endeavor to improve its data backup and recovery capabilities. The agreement allows Dolomite Technology to provide the Department of Motor Vehicles with the ability to centralize backup of data across servers, increase response time of those backups, and allow for automatic fail-over should an event take place where the backup servers will need to kick-in.

The agreement calls for protection of multiple servers that are of key importance as well as three years of maintenance. The deal was announced on the State of Nevada website earlier this week and is expected to close within the next two weeks.

This agreement is just one example of how Dolomite Technology continues to lead business in the Las Vegas area through Disaster Recovery, Data Storage, and Data Backup options to help them prepare their business.

If you are interested in how Dolomite Technology can help your business please call Dolomite Technology at 1-866-575-3690 or click here.

About Dolomite
Dolomite is a Managed Services Company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dolomite manages business computer networks, phone systems, printers, POS Equipment, as well as provides computer services and computer repairs. Serving Las Vegas since 1996, Dolomite was the first Managed Service Company in the Las Vegas Area. Computer sales, computer rentals, and computer programming are additional technology services provided by Dolomite Technology.