Free Antivirus From Microsoft

Microsoft has released new and free anti-virus software. You can download it from Microsoft’s Security site. This new security software is called Microsoft Security Essentials. It is simple to use and effective to all home based computer systems. Best of all “it’s easy to tell if your PC is secure — when you’re green, you’re good. It’s that simple.” Also the program runs in the background allowing you to get your work completed with little interruption and shortened wait times.

However, as the name implies it is only the bare minimum. You computer may be protected, but if you are running a business or are a frequent visitor to new internet sites you may want to consider an anti-virus software more fitting to your needs. With many different types of anti-virus software and many different vendors it may be hard to decide what works with your computer.
Dolomite, a Managed Service Provider, is ready to assist you with any computer questions you have. As partners to Microsoft, AVG and other major anti-virus software producers, we can get you the protection you need at the price you can afford. To learn more about Dolomite, visit our Web site at or contact us directly at 702-944-9922.

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