Las Vegas Based Dolomite Technology Announces CHAP, Computer Home Assistance Program

Do you find yourself needing Computer Assistance at your home? Many people in the Las Vegas area find that they cannot find quality technicians who are qualified to do the work. Dolomite Technology decided to do something about this, and launched the Computer Home Assistance Program, CHAP, earlier today.

The Computer Home Assistance Program provides technical support over the Internet as well as at a customer’s site. The program has been specifically built to help home users to overcome obstacles when looking for assistance with Computer Repairs, re-installation of software, or just need some assistance figuring out how to do something.

The program provides unlimited Remote technical support for every PC that is part of the program, when users choose the standard Computer Home Assistance Program. Remote technical support is commonly used to help users install software, such as Microsoft Office, or to help walk a customer through the process of performing an action they might not understand how to perform otherwise. In most cases, Dolomite’s technicians can remote connect to the customer’s computer and help fix the computer problem, in just a few minutes.

When customers need to be shown how to do something on their computer, Dolomite technicians, after connecting to a customer’s computer, can take the computer user through step-by-step so they can see first hand what needs to happen. Dolomite can then let the user take control of the system and follow-thru the same steps to ensure that the process is done correctly.

This process of not only being able to resolve computer issues quickly, but of showing customer how to better use their computer systems, is one reason why Dolomite was voted as Nevada’s Best Computer Service company for the year 2007. Dolomite helps to earn that distinction again in 2008 when award winners are announced in September.

In cases where Remote Support is not feasible, such as when a computer system needs some sort of PC Repair, Dolomite dispatches a technician to the customers site to perform the actions necessary to initiate the computer repair. Even after the technician completes his computer repair service, Dolomite follows up with the customer to ensure that the Customer’s computer repair was a success. Should Dolomite find that a system is still having issues with something that was previously serviced, Dolomite will dispatch a PC Technician at no charge to the customer.

Dolomite’s Computer Home Assistance Program, is priced to make it affordable, as well as effective for home users. Starting at $72 per year for home assistance in the Las Vegas area, the program provides for unlimited support during normal business hours. For a few dollars more, customers can expand the program to include extended hours, weekends, or even 24-7 service.

In addition to the basic computer assistance program, starting as low as $30 per year, Dolomite provides Anti-Virus software that is Integrated into its software support package to help ensure that customers have all their computer management needs in one place, simplified by Dolomite’s hands-on assistance as needed. The software is automatically updated and monitored by Dolomite allowing customers the peace of mind that their computers are safe and secure. No longer do customers have to worry about whether they updated the Anti-Virus software, or whether it has expired.

Dispatching to a customers site does include a $25 trip fee, however there is no cost for the first hour of service. Assistance beyond that first hour, such as what might be involved with a system installation, may be priced on a per hour basis, with pricing pro-rated for 20 minute intervals, or a customer may opt to play a flat fee for a service. An example of a flat fee service, might be $45 for a computer hardware repair, or paying a flat fee for a system install. When the flat fee option is used, the price does not change for the customer regardless of whether it takes 8 hours to do or 1 hour to do. This is just one more way that Dolomite is hoping to reduce the costs that customers pay for services.

Regardless of whether it is a Computer Repair, Annual Computer Services, Systems Install, or Purchase and Configuration of Anti-Virus, Dolomite Technology is there to help you get to where you can get assistance, quickly and affordably. If you find that you are constantly having Computer Repair problems, need explanations of how to use one of your Microsoft Programs, or simply need a consultation to purchase a computer, call Dolomite Technology at 1-866-575-3690.