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You’ve just watched the video above about Dolomite Technology and now you’re wondering when you should call us. How long should you wait to call Dolomite to set up your first appointment? Maybe you should ask your friends their opinion about us first? Or maybe you should Google more about the company before you make the call? After all, relationships should help you, not hurt you. We agree. Once you contact Dolomite, rest assured, a union with Dolomite Technology is the least stressful relationship you will ever have. Call us today at 1-855-365-6648 and you won’t have to look any further for computer help. We are your one-stop Las Vegas Business IT Services company.

We assess, manage, and monitor servers, antivirus software, data backup, and spam software. We also manage web services for all mobile devices. Our around-the-clock account manager and IT help desk provide a service desk that ensures overall computer service for management strategy. Our technicians anticipate and troubleshoot the problems that you don’t have time to figure out.

The Las Vegas Business Press recently named us a Top Family Own Business in 2012 and we have strong relationships with Intel, Adobe, Xerox, and H.P., to name a few. However, our Las Vegas computer support will give you and your company the same treatment we give our most popular clients. We treat everyone with equal attention and respect.

You pay a flat rate with no hidden fees or minimal costs, during your one-year warranty. In addition to providing virus removal, hard drive recovery, and computer tune-ups, Dolomite also provides printer setups, audio fixing, and system upgrades. Residential customers may request a Computer Home Assistance Program (CHAP), which is a plan that offers unlimited remote support.

Dolomite technicians have almost two decades of experience with Las Vegas Business IT Services.

We stay abreast of trends in the computer market so that we’re knowledgeable on all new security threats. Our technicians will anticipate and troubleshoot all your computer issues. Our backup service for your data ensures that files are automatically backed up every day. If the unthinkable happens and your computer is stolen, we can also easily restore your data to your new equipment. We ensure that the data sent off-site is always an encrypted copy.  When you sign up, you’ll receive a dedicated technical support number for priority assistance. Call us anytime. We’ve simplified the process to help provide quick and reliable options to resolve your issues.

Perfect relationships do exist…when you’re dealing with Dolomite.

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