Need a tablet? Think small

If you are a professional writer who also happens to own an iPad, you’re fortunate: Software developers have created some apps to help you do your work better, whether you cover real estate news for a trade magazine, blog about technology or write romance fiction. Here is a closer look at some of the best iPad apps for truly serious writers. For those who earn your living with the written word, these applications are must-haves.

Paper by FiftyThree

This app is ideal for writers in the beginning stages of the creative process. With it, you are able to capture your ideas as sketches, diagrams, notes or drawings.

iA Writer

This app, from Information Architects, doesn’t come with a lot of glitz. A text editor and creator, iA Writer doesn’t let you change fonts or colors. The goal? Eliminate the distractions and force you to write.

Google Drive

If you need to save your writing, articles or videos, try Google Drive. It provides you with 5GB of storage totally free.


This particular note-taking app has long earned kudos from tech reviewers. But few fully grasp how useful it is to professional writers. With Evernote, you are able to jot down notes, capture photos, compose to-do lists and record voice reminders.


Few organization programs are as helpful to writers as is iThoughtsHD. You can use this tool to organize your thoughts as task list, project-planning document or brainstorming session. You can also use the program to make meeting notes.


The people behind Evernote have created Penultimate, a nifty app that enables users to jot handwritten notes instantly to their iPads. Users can take notes, draw sketches and make quick outlines with Penultimate.


Good.iWare’s GoodReader is easily the most powerful PDF reader for the iPad. With GoodReader, you can read virtually any document imaginable with your iPad. This is true for everything from books, movies and maps to pictures and PDF files.

Index Card

Looking for a place to keep all of your plot summaries, outlines, character descriptions and deadline dates? Index Card is a fantastic choice. This app generates a virtual corkboard on your iPad, and allows you to pin notes directly to it.


Notably is really a powerful note-taking app for the iPad. But what genuinely sets it apart is the way it functions with well known cloud storage app Dropbox. Every time you add a note, plot summary or assignment deadline to Notably, your modifications will automatically sync with Dropbox.