Need a tablet? Think small

Looking for that perfect tablet? You’ve got an abundance of choices today, from the classic iPad to the upstart Galaxy tablets. But which device is actually the best to buy? Which gives you top overall performance at a reasonable price? And, this being tablets we’re discussing, which best fits in your purse or book bag? One Web site has a unexpected answer: the iPad Mini.

The Benefits of the Mini

Staffers at the WireCutter blog site advise the iPad Mini for one simple reason: It’s just as powerful as its bigger cousin, however it weighs less. For the staffers at WireCutter, the standard iPad’s heft, as they refer to it, has become a serious issue. As the staffers wrote inside a recent blog post, you can’t support the traditional iPad like a magazine, the ultimate purpose of a tablet. That’s because its weight is a bit more much like a hefty coffee table or perhaps thinner telephone book. The iPad Mini, in contrast? It truly is light.


Best of all, the iPad Mini, although small compared to the iPad, works equally well as its larger cousin. The author of the WireCutter blog wrote about totting both styles of the iPad inside a bag, watching movies on both devices and hauling them around the house. The final outcome was clear: The Mini was much more comfortable to hold. And watching movies, reading books, enjoying music, surfing the Web and playing games wasn’t any less impressive on the scaled-down device.

The right recommendation?

Obviously, the WireCutter’s opinion is simply that, an opinion. You might disagree. The good thing? There are plenty of tablets out there from which you can choose. The ideal way to find the right tablet for you? Do your research. Before you buy a tablet, check out different models displayed in your local electronics store. Read online reviews of the numerous tablets. Determine exactly how you want to make use of your tablet. Are you planning to use it mainly for watching movies and playing music on the run? Maybe you would like your tablet to serve as a business tool? Once you know how you want to use your tablet, it is possible to best go about choosing the best device for your needs.