Network Problems

Have you been sitting on a network problem for days? Waiting for the right time to have someone look at it? Or maybe you are always asking why is my computer running so slow? Or why can’t I view this page? Or you want to know if your network is running at its full potential. Well, why not find simple solutions to these questions and more.

Dolomite, your technology source, is offering a simple solution. We will do a free network analysis for you or your company’s system. Now you may be wondering what the catch is. Are you ready? Dolomite will look at your network; give you our analysis of what you may need for improvement; including a price quote, and information of what Dolomite can do for you. All you have to do is fill out a short survey. This survey can easily be completed while one of our technicians is analyzing your network.
So why would we do all this for you? This survey would give us the resources we need to better serve the greater Las Vegas Valley. We would receive knowledge about the most frequently occurring problems. Technology is always changing and Dolomite focuses on learning the most efficient ways to repair those problems. We could also learn ways to prevent these network problems from happening, allowing us to be more focused on our customers and keeping ahead of their computer service needs.
With something so simple “Why not?” should be your next question. So call Dolomite today to find out how you can get your free network analysis and finally get the answers to your computer questions.
For more information on the services Dolomite has to offer visit our Web site at or speak with one of our representatives today at 866-575-3690. 
Dolomite is a Technology Services company focused on easing the technological burdens of its customers. An Award Winner for Best IT Service for Small and Mid-size Business, Dolomite strives to ensure that the customer is taken care of. Dolomite manages and maintains technology services, allowing customers to get back to the business of making money. Some of the services Dolomite provides include Managed Technology Services, Security Auditing, Computer Repair and Sales, Data Backup and Recovery Services and other computer services.