Dolomite Extends Internship Program

Dolomite extended its Internship Program from summer college students to helping provide jobs for those going through the Retraining and Rehabilitation due to accident or injury.

Under the extended program, Dolomite will work with organizations who perform training and rehabilitation of personnel to provide 30, 60, and 90 day Internships. During the internship, Dolomite will help provide personnel with hand-on experience and test existing knowledge to help enable them in their transition from a training environment to that of production environment. Their program strive to help resolve conflicts in how training might be applied as well as to reinforce confidence in a new career path.

At the end of the Internship, Dolomite will further extend the training and rehabilitation organizations by providing jobs to those it can as it grows and assisting in finding jobs for others.

This program is another step in Dolomite’s efforts to promote more local community support and interaction.

Dolomite Suspends China’s CNI Web Networks From Managing Site

In an unanimous vote, Dolomite’s Board of Director’s voted to suspend its agreement with CNI Web Networks out of China from maintaining any Dolomite Technology sites.

The move came after it was brough to Dolomite’s attention that CNI, who was responsible for marketing and providing content on multiple site owned by Dolomite Technology, was using marketing terms and phrasing duplicated from other sites.

Although the duplication was only on a few pages, the board felt that some of the content was too close to competitors and in some cases was an exact match to other sites.

After the boards decision vote was made, Dolomite’s Technology Staff began making immediate changes to key words, phrases and other language used throughout its site. All access was removed that belonged to CNI and Dolomite formed its own internal department to manage all sites owned by Dolomite.

Dolomite currently owns or manages hundreds of sites across a wide variety of subject matter.

Dolomite Assists Youth Camp

Dolomite Technology is taking time out of its day to help under-priveledged youth learn about Computers, the Internet, and how they might help them in the future. Dolomite was invited out to support Computer Day in a week long Youth Camp run in North Las Vegas. Dolomite was responsible for ensuring children were aware of how to use basic office applications such as Microsoft Word, how to find information on the Internet, and how to chat with friends online.

This was a first for Dolomite as well as for the Deltic Youth Camp program in North Las Vegas. Dolomite has agreed to returning in 2009 provided Deltic can organize the event for a second year. In addition to helping youth, Dolomite sponsored the even by bringing out all the computers, providing any necessary computer repair services, and managing all youth camp networks.

Computer Repair Services Extended

Non-Profits can now qualify for free computer repair services. Dolomite Technology, Las Vegas First Managed Service Provider and Nevada’s Leading Computer Solutions Provider, announced a program to help non-profits weather the downturn in the economy.

With the program, Dolomite has agreed to provide up to 10 hours of computer repair services each month to qualifing non-profits. To qualify, non-profits must be a 501c(3) on file with the IRS and located in Las Vegas,  North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, Pahrump, Mesquite or Moapa. Non-Profits must also provide services to the community at no charge.

Mr Hutchings, President of Dolomite Technology, explained that "Dolomite’s Computer Repair Services for Non-Profits is meant to give back to those organizations striving to help the local community. We expect the economy to continue to worsen and want to ensure that those helping the community are able to weather the storm we see getting closer to our communities."

If you are a non-profit and interested in receiving free computer repair services, please contact us at 1-866-575-3690.

Additional Requirements Apply

Computer Wish Foundation and Dolomite Extend Partnership

Dolomite has agreed to provide two more years of additional support to assist the Computer Wish Foundation in repairing computers for donation back to the community. The computer wish foundation accepts used computers from businesses and others, oversees their refurbishment, and then disburses those computers back to the community. Its main target is low-income families with Children in their homes that are looking to promote learning and development at the home.
As a result of its extended agreement, Dolomite will continue to act as a drop-off facility for those seeking to donate their computers. In addition, Dolomite will continue to donate labor towards identifying and repairing any donated computers.
The Computer Wish Foundation will use Dolomite’s labor assistance to extend its program beyond the initial one year pilot stage. The Computer Wish Foundation is a technology program maintained by United Service Solutions of Nevada, a  501c(3) .

Microsoft Server 2008 Availability

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is the most Windows Server system released so far to date. With new features like virtualization as well as improvements in centralized application access, easier management features, security improvements  and more, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 builds on years of experiences to increase efficiency in your organization.

Windows Server 2008 brings many eagerly anticipated features to help administrators control and lock-down their networks. Among the most anticipated is the Server Core mode which allows administrators to limit security risks and maintenance responsibilities by not installing any unncessary features. This smaller system footprint makes it easier for administrators to perform updates and reduces time spent on a server, allowing for improved return on investment.

The Server Core mode is not the only improvement Microsoft has added to Windows Server. Other features include the capabilities to deploy a web server. DNS, DHCP, WINS, Active Directory, File & Print Services, Windows Deployment Services, improvements to Network Load Balancing and the ability to manage backup and recovery services through an integrated backup and recovery solutions.

For more information on how Microsoft Windows Server 2008 can help improve your business, please contact Dolomite Technology at 1-866-575-3690.

Dolomite Human Resources Version 1.8 Beta Released For Testing

Dolomite is now accepting testing candidates for Dolomite’s HR software release 1.9b.Dolomite HR is a hosted Human Resources Management program focused on small and mid-sized business.

Dolomite Human Resources program has a suite of features that allow business owners and human resources personnel to manage employees efficiently and securely.Features include the following:

Human Resource Record Management

  • Manage Employee Personel Information
  • Manage Employee Time-Records & Attendence
  • Leave & Vacation Management
  • Track Employee Performance
  • Document Logging & Auditing
  • Workforce Management
  • Allows you to Export to third-party payroll solutions.

Employee Record Management

  • Allow Employees To Clock-In & Clock-Out
  • Timeclock History / Record Review
  • Enable employees to submit Leave/Vacation Requests
  • Allow employees to update personal information
  • Employee Document / Record Review


  • Executive Reports on Future Employee Costs
  • HR Reports on Scheduling
  • And much more.


  • Integration Into Dolomite CMS
  • Integration Into Dolomite Technology Framework
  • Expandable

Dolomite HR (Human Resources) has a long history among business with the original version going back to 2001. Current pricing for Dolomite HR is $50 plus $6 per employee per month. For more information on how you can get started with the Dolomite HR 1.7 (Standard Release) or with Dolomite HR 1.8b (Beta Release), please contact 1-866-575-3690.

Dolomite is a Technology Services company focused on easing the technology burdens of its customers. An Award Winner for Best IT Service for Small and Mid-size Business, Dolomite strives to ensure that the customer is taken care of. Dolomite managed and maintains technology services, allowing customers to get back to the business of making money. Some of the services Dolomite provides include Managed Technology Services, Security Auditing, Computer Repair, Computer Sales, and Data Backup and Recovery Services. Included in its technology services, Dolomite provides a Technology Shopping Center, Dolomite Depot at

Internship Candidates

With the upcoming summer break, Dolomite is proud to announce that candidates, to learn and advance their studies during the summer, have been choosen. Candidates will work with select members of Dolomite’s staff to further skills and traits in real-world situations. By working in-cooperation with Dolomit, studients have an opportunity to begin or enhance their skills to better prepare them for the future after they have received their degree.

Candidates will begin work starting as early as the first week of May and will continue through early September. Individuals will be coming to Dolomite from schools in other states, in addition to the inclusion of individuals from the local area. Interns will be working with Dolomite across a variety of programs to include furthering their study of International Relations to learning more about technology services and products.

Although interns have been chosen for the summer, applications are now being accepted for consideration for 2009 internship opportunities.

Dolomite is the leading computer and technology management company for small and mid-sized business. An Award Winner for Best IT Service, Dolomite strives to ensure that the customer is taken care of allowing them to get back to business, while Dolomite focuses on the technology services. Dolomite extends its services beyond Managed Technology Services to include services such as Security Auditing, Computer Repair, Computer Sales, and Data Backup and Recovery Services.

Summer Technology Catalog Release

Dolomite announces availability of Dolomite’s Quarterly Technology Products catalog along with release of the Quarterly Office Products catalog.

Dolomite’s Technology Products catalog contains over 2,000 of the top-selling products available on the market. Packed full of computers, printers, and other technology products, Dolomite Quarter Technology catalog is a must have for every business. Some of the products covered in this catalog are computers, printers, computer peripherals� furniture, and more.

Dolomite’s Office Products catalog, similar to its Technology catalog, has over 2,000 of the best selling office products available to business. The catalog contains information on toners, paper, furniture, forms, pens, pencils, and other supplies.

All products may be ordered over the phone or by going to Dolomite Depot at All products can be shipped to your door without worrying about time-consuming visits to retail stores. Additionally, by calling our toll-free number, you can arrange to have the products shipped to your business on a regular basis, whether its weekly, monthly or another time-period of your choosing.

This is just one more way that Dolomite is working to allow our customer’s to focus on their business, while Dolomite focuses on the technology, providing for more return on investment for Dolomite’s customers.

Both catalogs may be requested through Dolomite’s catalog request form or by contacting Dolomite at 1-866-575-3690.

Dolomite Technology is a computer and technology provider of product and services. Dolomite’s specializes in providing a dedicated technology management service to its customer allowing them to focus on their business. For more information on Dolomite’s Managed Services, please contact us at 1-866-575-3690.

Dolomite to Support Sony Products

Dolomite Technology signed an agreement with Sony to add Sony’s products and services to its line of services. Sales of Sony products will begin immediately directly with customers and will be phased in to Dolomite Technology "Laptop for Troops" program beginning the next quarter.

For full details about ongoing products and services available with this agreement, please visit Dolomite’s Shopping Center at