House Preview A Success!!

Dolomite Technology celebrated the opening of a new Support Center on November 9th, the second location to open in Las Vegas, Nevada. High Spirits were attributed to a better than expected turnout of both customers and vendors, as rooms were backed and steady crowd of people moved in and out of the area.

“I came to get an idea of who Dolomite was and to place names to faces. I also wanted to come and talk to the different vendors to see how I might pursue additional partnership with Dolomite to get the technology the vendors are showing”, explained Jodie Lang of PTS Health Insurance.

Demonstrations were provided for a variety of products and vendors to include Cisco Routers and Switches, Microsoft Software Products, Untangle’s Network Gateway Server, SonicWall Routers, Qualys’ QualysGuard, Toshiba Laptops, Lenovo Computers, HP Computer Products, Acer Computer Products, Kensington Security Equipment and more. The highlight of the event was an explanation by Dolomite President Matthew Hutchings on how Managed Services can improve your company and reduce your Technology costs.

Andrew MacArthur, Dolomite’s Sr Programmer, explained that the goal of todays event was to allow for existing customers to come in and see demonstrations of new technology offerings, while being able to see how the new support center will further enhance services for customers in the future.

Although the official opening will come at a later point when remodeling is complete, it will not be available to the public to walk through and view how things are done. Once opened, the location is locked down, in other-words, screens are turned-off or covered, the server rooms are secured, and more. “It will be closed to the public to protect customer data. We take every precaution to ensure our customer’s data is secure. The ability to walk-around to preview how things are done is definitely not on the list of things possible once the data is live across the network”, further explained Andrew.

The new location is at 2950 S Rancho Drive – Suite 100 in downtown Las Vegas, just south of Palace Station. The center will focus on customer service and sales support to the Las Vegas area. In addition, the location has a classroom capable of sitting 50 people comfortably. The classroom area is set to provide the ability to host computer training, meetings, and small conferences.

Dolomite Technology is a Managed Service Provider, the first in Las Vegas to provide Managed Services. The company differs itself from the traditional break / fix model of most computer repair companies in Las Vegas or elsewhere, by providing computer management, computer repair, computer sales and other computer and network service to customers on a sustained period of time.

One of the goals of Managed Services is to allow for not only computer repairs of any existing issues, but also ensuring that any computer service that comes up, such as patches that need to be applied to a computer, are performed in a manner that does not disturb the customer. Dolomite’s Managed Service offerings takes this one step further by providing Remote Control and Management of any software issues that arise, as well as monitoring of Virus, SPAM, and other security concerns on the computer and the network.

Dolomite provides all these services at a fixed monthly price.

For more information on Dolomite Technology or to learn more about Dolomite’s Managed Service Program, Technology Products or Service Packages, please call 1-866-575-3690. All Dolomite product and service consultations are free of charge.

Dolomite – Acer Agree To Partnership

On Monday November 5th, Dolomite and Acer agreed to Partnership to allow Dolomite to provide Acer Products, Services, and Support. Although Dolomite already provided a limited line of Acer Laptops, the Partnership will allow for expansion of the Acer Laptop line that will be supported, plus allows for new products to include Personal & Business Computers, Servers, Projectors, and Monitors.

Dolomite expects to have the full line of Acer Laptops on display and ready for sale by the end of November with all other products integrated into its Sales Channel no later than the 7th of December.

This partnership now allows Dolomite to provide Computer Hardware, software, and other equipment for all of the top 4 PC Vendors in the US, top 4 PC Vendors being Dell, HP, Lenovo (IBM), and Acer. Dolomite plans on releasing a new “Public Sales” Channel website early next year for all products that it provides for partners, plus its own software and value-added services.

About Acer
Acer ranks as the world’s No. 4 branded PC vendor, designing easy, dependable IT solutions that empower people to reach their goals and enhance their lives. Since spinning-off its manufacturing operation, Acer has focused on globally marketing its brand-name products: mobile and desktop PCs, servers and storage, LCD monitors and high-definition TVs, projectors, and handheld/navigational devices. Acer’s unique Channel Business Model is instrumental to the company’s continued success. The model encourages partners and suppliers to collaborate in a winning formula of supply-chain management, allowing Acer to provide customers with fresh technologies, competitive pricing, and quality service. Established in 1976, Acer Inc. employs 5,300 people supporting dealers and distributors in more than 100 countries. Revenues in 2006 reached US$11.32 billion.

About Dolomite Technology LLC
Dolomite Technology is the leading Managed Service Provider for Small and Mid-Size Business in the Nevada Region. Dolomite provides complete Total Care of a Customer’s Computers and Networks for a fixed monthly price that customers can budget and plan for. In addition, to its Managed Services Program, Dolomite provides direct sales and support for a wide-range of computer systems and equipment, computer consulting, and software development. “Laptops For Troops”, a program to provide guaranteed technology financing for those serving in the Military, is also managed by Dolomite. Originally established in 1996, Dolomite is currently based in Las Vegas, NV.

Dolomite Technology Prepares for House Preview

Dolomite Technology will be opening a new Support Center to the public on November 9th. Although an official “Open House” will come at a later point when construction is complete, a “Preview” will be open to the public where individuals and businesses can come out and meet the staff, learn about services offered at the new location and/or find out about potential job openings. When asked why a “Preview”, Matthew Hutchings, President of Dolomite, responded “So customers can see what its like at the beginning and what it will be like upon completion”.

The new location is at 2950 S Rancho Drive in downtown Las Vegas, just south of Palace Station. The center will focus on customer service and sales support to the Las Vegas area. In addition, the location has a classroom capable of sitting close to 50 people comfortably, where customers can receive free computer training, as well as take part in paid classes starting in December of this year.

The full opening, along with an “Official Open House”, will not take place until December 7th.

The location will only be temporary as Dolomite prepares an as of yet undisclosed location to be opened in the summer of 2009.

Dolomite Technology Nominated As Best In Nevada

On October 30th, Dolomite Technology received a nomination for being one of the Best IT Service Companies in Nevada Serving Small Businesses, the only company to receive the distinction in the Las Vegas area. The nomination goes a long-way to recognizing Dolomite Technology in its efforts at serving the Small and Mid-Size Business Community.

The JD Edwards Technology Committee, awarded the nomination to Dolomite as a result of the companies continued “Excellence and Outstanding Customer Satisfaction” in supporting small and mid-size business.

Dolomite Technology has worked agressively to make sure that businesses of all sizes get an equal opportunity to receive the support they need to make them a success. Mentioned at the nomination was Dolomite’s Total Solutions Package. The Total Solutions Package allows businesses to get complete managed care of all there IT assets, complete with a replacement of there computers every three years, a licensed copy of Microsoft Outlook, an enterprises level Network Gateway solution, and 24-7 support. This dedication to service is what places Dolomite apart from other IT Service companies in Nevada.

Dolomite looks forward to the final results to be released later this year.

Dolomite Technology Launches New Website

Powered by our DE content management system, the new Dolomite Technology website has been redesigned from top to bottom to promote more in-depth information of our services, faster page loading, and improved usability and easier navigation of our website.

This marks the end of the first stage of the overhaul of customer web services. The next aspect, the Customer Support Center, starts its upgrade and over-haul on Monday November 5th and will come online the morning of November 9th. The new web support environment will be a dramatic improvement in the appearance, navigability, accessibility and usability of the support center. The goal of the center is to help businesses and others find the help they need without having to pay for support or purchase a monthly service program.

“Although we hope businesses will turn to us if they need support, our first priority is to provide the support they need to improve their business. There success is our success.” explained Matthew Hutchings, President of Dolomite Technology, “This will be the start of a continually expanding overhaul of information, from our own website to the support center. We hope that by helping businesses find support for common issues, that we can help more small businesses succeed where they might otherwise fail. If in the process our actions motivate others to participate in expanding the support wiki, then it will be all the more a success.”