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The Coming Of Holograms

Much of the technology we use on a daily basis seems like it was from a science fiction movie a few years ago. Think about it, tablets, smartphones, e-readers, every one of these technologies changed the way we operate on a daily basis. So what is next step in the world of technology? Ben Kunz, a writer for Bloomberg Businessweek, predicts that holograms are on their way.

Apple and holograms

Will our Apple devices soon display dynamic holograms? If you are having problems picturing what this would be like, imagine technology akin to what Robert Downey Jr.’s character utilized in the movie The Avengers. Kunz’s prediction is not simply a guess; he has based it on recent acquisitions and patents from Apple. Not only this, but Apple has to stay ahead of the competition, which is intense, in the tablet world.

Apple’s plans

How it could work: With forward-facing cameras that track the position of the viewers’ eyes and a screen that projects beams of light at different angles a hologram might be created. This hologram would also be very realistic as a result of different angles created by the various beams of light. The viewer could look at it from every direction and it would maintain its visual integrity.

The future of 3D?

The one thing that Apple is going to have to contend with if they opt to introduce 3D technology and/or holograms to their devices is that 3D tech has yet to inspire the imaginations of consumers. Sales have been slow for 3D TV’s and Nintendo’s 3DS handheld game system which doesn’t even require glasses. So what makes Apple think it will do this with success? Apple has had a history of taking ideas and making them better. Look what they did with the mouse. They took Xerox’s idea, made it better, and it sold like hotcakes. But only time will tell if Apple will find the right execution of 3D and/or hologram technology to excite and entice consumers.


Make Transitioning To Windows 8 Easier

Windows 8 has already made a splash in the tech world. The new operating system from Microsoft looks vastly different than any system that came before. The reviews so far have been mostly kind. And as a business owner, you’re all set to upgrade to the new system. You just hope the move goes smoothly. Thankfully, you can follow a number of strategies, covered in a recent post on the Smallbiz Technology website, to ensure that your move to Windows 8 is a painless one relatively.

Do the Research

The first thing you’ll want to check before upgrading may seem obvious. Make sure your computer can run efficiently on Windows 8. A machine must have the following requirements to be able to run Windows 8: 1GB of RAM, 16GB of hard-drive space, and a 1GHz processor. These are the same requirements as Windows 7. So if you are already running Windows 7, there’s no need to check.


There are many reasons why having a secure backup of your essential documents a very good idea. But particularly before you begin an upgrade it is crucial. You could store your info in an external hard drive but if you feel that this can be too costly or you simply have too much data to move easily, you can opt for a private cloud service. Many managed service providers (MSPs) offer these types of services. This will ensure that your essential data is secured if something goes wrong during the upgrade.

Setup utility

Microsoft provides a setup utility that searches your computer to tell you whether or not it will support Windows 8. If the computers are using XP, this can be particularly important as Microsoft will stop providing support for XP in 2014. If you are moving to Windows 8 you are going to need to reinstall your software and drivers. Hopefully you have kept all of the installation disks. This may seem like an overwhelming task, but the added features of Windows 8 could increase your efficiency enough to make it worth it. Just be sure that you follow the steps above before attempting the upgrade yourself.


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Google Better: Find What You Are Looking For

You have used Google for years, and you understand how to use it, right? You generally find what you are looking for, right? Maybe not, there are numerous tricks you can utilize to make your Googling skills more advantageous and efficient. After learning about some of these trick in articles from the How-To Geek website and the Atlantic we decided to share the few we found to be helpful.

Operators are key

If you are hoping to find very specific information through a Google search, operators are the best way to find what you are looking for. The example that the How-To Geek site used is as follows. Say a user hopes to find stories only published by the New York Times relating to college test scores. That is very specific and seems like it would take a lot of digging. Not if you utilize operators. By inserting the operator “site:” in front of the words “,” Google will only search in that site. Then by adding quotation marks around exact phrases they are looking for, in this case “test scores,” Google will search for that specific phrase only. If the user desires to add a date range, they can add 2008..2010 and it will narrow the search further.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is another easy way to narrow search results. It prompts Google to only search academic and scholarly work, which could be great for research papers. To do this you can employ operators. For example, if you are searching for a paper written by Dr. Breit about the evolution of coding languages, you would input the operator “author:” in front of “Breit” followed by the phrase “evolution of coding languages” into Google Scholar.

Control F

“Control F” is a way to search within your search results. For example, perhaps you are searching for a new outfit to wear to a holiday party. After searching for “party dress” you can hold control on your keyboard and click “F.” A small search bar will pop up in the top or bottom of your screen and in it you can search your results by typing “pink” or “long” to help you narrow your search.


Avoid Autocomplete Mishaps

Sometimes things that were created to make your work easier can actually create problems. The thing that comes to my mind is autocomplete in text messages. But another huge one is the autocomplete function in Apple’s mail app. This can easily cause you to send emails to unintended parties. This occurs if you are entering an email address into the “to” field and it has the first couple letters as an address in your address book, it will autocomplete that address for you. This may be helpful, but it may cause problems as well.

Autocomplete embarrassments

Obviously, if you do not double check the “to” field before sending the email it might go to the wrong person. You may say, but I don’t have that many people I email. Well, you may not realize that you may have a number of old contacts in your address book that you never email. Brian Sawyer discussed this problem on the O’Reilly Answers website. This issue may cause you to send a crucial business email to someone you never speak to, and you may never even know it.  The person you meant to send it to won’t ever receive it and an email containing sensitive information could be read by the wrong person.

Removing autocomplete email addresses

Luckily, if you have pinpointed what emails are often being autocompleted, you can eliminate them if you would like. Here is how: In Mail, click the “Window” tab. After picking “Previous Recipients,” search for the email address that you want to get rid of. Highlight it and click “Remove From List.” It’s that easy.

Monitoring is key

Removing an address doesn’t guarantee that it won’t return to your address book. Even collaborating with a person on a Google Doc will add the address to your address book. So, the simplest way to ensure that these confusions don’t happen in the future is to make sure you check your address book, and check the “to” field before clicking “Send.”


Top 5 Tablets to Have

Nowadays people are usually on the run and want a discreet and reliable device for work, school or entertainment. Fortunately, hardware companies have found the solution and they are working on improving their tablets to cater to all the customers’ tastes and wallets. Here are five of the best and most popular tablets for you to choose from:

Apple iPad

Features like incredible image quality, thanks to the Retina display, fast 4G speed, improved camera and a wide selection of fun apps place the new Apple iPad in the lead both from the customers’ and the specialized websites’ point of view. The costs may sometimes increase, when you find yourself in the position of having to pay for additional upgrades, like for example special docks for the new Lightning connector, but that does not seem to bother loyal fans too much.

Google Nexus 7

Leading the market of Android tablets, Google Nexus 7 offers you high-quality design, speedy performance and a powerful version of Jelly Bean, all for a great price. It has its own downs, like the lack of a microSD card slot (same situation as iPads) or of a back-facing camera, as well as some lag when using the Magazine app, but its advantages make you forget about them. All in all, it is considered the best 7-inch tablet and it combines fast quad-core performance and a smart operating system with a top-notch design.

Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon brings you yet another great-priced Android tablet, which was developed from the world’s favorite e-book reader, the Kindle. Its pros are the solid and compact design as well as the friendly and easy-to-use interface. It also gives you access to a lot of apps and also free videos and books for the customers who are Amazon Prime members. Unfortunately, the 8 GB memory is not expandable and the performance may be a bit sluggish now and then, but the very affordable price makes it worth buying.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

If the 7-inch tablets are too small for you, you can choose the larger Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 for its bright display and powerful speakers, but also for its long-lasting battery life and other features. If you always lose your TV remote around house, you will be happy to know that you can control your TV using the smart app offered by this tablet. On the other hand, the camera is not spectacular and the charging times are a bit high, but the tablet is still a good and affordable choice.

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700

The last one on this list, the tablet from ASUS has a very bright and sharp display, as well as improved cameras, long-lasting battery life and a high quad-core performance. The sound quality is good, despite the rather awkward speaker placement; the display may show some distortions if you put too much pressure on it when you touch it. It has its ups and downs, but it is a balanced Android tablet and it is the first one with a full HD screen.

If you’re looking for a new tablet, check out these 5 models first, and you are bound to find something that suits you perfectly.

Important Computer Tips For First Time Users

Whether you are an experienced computer user or using computer for the first time, you must keep certain simple things in mind. Otherwise, due to some common mistakes you might have to pay big price. The first computer tip you should remember that you are using a sophisticated electronic device and it certainly needs to be handled with care. There are many computer services company that offer tech support to deal with PC related issues.

In many cases it is seen that the computer users don’t shut down the computer properly. They just switch off the power button. This is very dangerous. If you do the same thing repeatedly, the operating system of the computer can crash or hard drive can also go out of order. Both of these two things can give you headache. To avoid this, shut down the computer properly. Go to the start menu and chose to shut down your computer.

Don’t forget to save your work. Even experienced computer users make this silly mistake. For instance, you have worked really hard to prepare a document. And know how frustrating it is if you shut the computer down without saving it. In fact, it is better to save the work in regular intervals.

Another computer tip is to remember to back up your important data. Since computer is an electronic device, it can malfunction anytime. Your important data might also be lost due to virus problem. So, it is better to back up your data in regular basis. You can use CD, DVD or an external hard drive in this regard. In the market, you will get external hard drive of various sizes and prices. These are also very easy to set up. You just need to connect the devise to your computer and then select the option to back up your computer. You may also want to look at professional off-site data backup solutions as well.

Another important computer tip is that you should never delete unknown files on your computer. There are a number of important files that help the operating system to run properly. If you delete an important file, this may do some serious damage to your computer and it can crash. If you aren’t sure about the importance of the file, you can talk to an it services provider, or you can browse the internet.

If you are using the internet, your PC might get affected by viruses anytime. So, it better to use antivirus software to protect your computer from viruses and other malicious objects. There are a number of antivirus software available in the market. McAfee, Eset, Kaspersky, Symantec, AVG, FortiNet, etc. are some of the renowned names in this regard. You can try with their trial versions. If the experience is satisfactory, go for the full version.

These are some common tips that you should keep in mind to enjoy the best computing experience.

A Little Bit About Windows 8

Much of the tech press has reported about Windows 8, although it has only recently come out. This is great for you, as you can find out a little of the ins and outs before you use it. One article we found especially interesting was one written by InfoWorld’s J. Peter Bruzzese. It covers several intriguing features about Windows 8. We have highlighted a few below.

The charms bar

Windows 8 comes with a side navigation bar called the charms bar. It becomes visible on the right side of the screen when users click or swipe there. Once it’s visible, the bar allows users to take advantage of an array of shortcuts. Users can click or tap the “Settings” option and then click on “Power” to put their computer to sleep. The charms bar has settings for searching, sharing, and switching to the Windows 7 desktop.

Retrieving lost files

What’s worse than losing a file? Not much when it comes to computing. Fortunately, Windows 8 can help. The operating system comes with a new way of saving copies of files that lets users obtain previous versions if their current file is lost or damaged. This feature works in much the same way as does OS X’s Time Machine utility.

Windows on the go

If you are on-the-go a lot, you will like this nifty feature. Using the Enterprise Edition of Windows 8 users can capture their entire Windows environment and store it on a USB drive. This enables them to take it with them and pull it up on a PC that uses Windows 7 or 8.


Avoiding Outages With A Computer Support Company

One thing that operations managers loathe is network downtime. Downtime at the office can be explained as a scenario wherein operations simply cannot continue. One of the top reasons that businesses generate downtime is the failure of IT technology, specifically computer equipment. For instance, in the event your office’s email servers stop working then interoffice communications would usually cease. Even simpler, printer malfunctions can lead to downtime whenever you wait for jammed paper to clear up.

Thus, companies are often in the lookout for methods to to curb the downtime. One solution they might implement to remedy the issue and to prevent issues from reoccurring is to contact an IT services company, such as Las Vegas computer service company Dolomite Technology. Computer support firms can assist you solve the problem you may be facing.

24/7 support

Frequently, breakdowns take place in times when individuals are not actively monitoring the problem. This might occur late into the shift and can often cause troubles the very next day. If your monitored by a computer support company to provide you round the clock service, then you would not have to hold off until the very next day to detect or even fix the problems.

The computer support company can easily monitor your systems regardless of your own company’s staff are present. This would lead to a quicker response time than having to wait until the next day, avoiding the lengthy down times that managers hate. The computer support company can immediately begin to take action to resolve the issues once they are identified regardless of what time of day they are found.

Knowledgeable Experts

Another common cause of downtime is the assessment and investigation that is caused whenever a concern is discovered. Usually activity is stopped as IT experts might need to complete a thorough review of exactly how the issue emerged.

By getting in contact with a computer support company, you’d be in a position to bank on their IT technician’s professional understanding of how to handle the assorted computing devices and the nuances around them. As a result investigation and assessment time is greatly reduced.

The help of a computer support company’s team of professionals streamlines the time required for a solution to your computer problems.

Fast access to parts

Lastly, a computer support company can have a far wider network from which to access replacement parts and accessories for the busted equipment. Usually, in-house purchasing would need to go to a single supplier and pray that they’ve got the parts that are required on your fixes.

A computer support company as a partner will have more options and more contacts to call on should it be necessary.