Proper Protective Redaction: Keeping Personal Information Safe

With technology changing everyday and people finding ways around firewalls and security blocks, everyone needs to be assured that their personal information is safe. How can you, as a law firm, protect against personal information thefts? Are you redacting the information properly? How are you redacting personal information?

There is redaction and there is proper protective REDACTION. Some firms are using the black-out method. That is fine with a printed version (hardcopy), but what about electronic information (softcopy)? Many people can simply uncover the information they want, including your opposing counsel and now they are privy to information you don’t think they should have. So how can you make sure this doesn’t happen?
Dolomite has simple solutions to these technical problems, including software that can guide you through a step-by-step process. We also have certified technicians ready and available to give you the computer assistance necessary to keep personal information safe and secure. Also available is our data storage with encryption code solution, allowing for your clients information to be protected and available to your firm in case of an emergency.
Keep the case in your favor. Learn more about redaction and personal information protection today. For more information about Dolomite’s computer services and easy-to-use redaction solutions visit or contact a representative at 866-575-3690.
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