Dolomite takes great pride in making sure that we provide quality services to our clients. Receiving your technology services from Dolomite allows you to focus on business while we can focus on getting and delivering the services right for you, permitting you to get back to business. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

To help us get started please take a look at the services below, or call us Toll-Free at 1-855-DOLOMITE (1-855-365-6648) and have one of our representatives help you with one-on-one service. Dolomite is here to help you succeed, take the first step, call today!

Computer & Technology Help Desk Service

Save money on staff and get the Computer and Technical Assistance you need by making Dolomite’s Help Desk the standard for your business. With Dolomite’s Help Desk, you get UNLIMITED remote support for your business. Whether you have a technical problem with your system, or just want to find out how to do something on one of your applications, Dolomite’s Help Desk can get it done. Starting at less than $1 a day, Dolomite’s Help Desk Service is a perfect fit for any business.

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Computer Repair & Computer Support Services

Dolomite provides computer repair services, computer maintenance, and computer support. Dolomite gives you a team of dedicated professional computer support technicians to help resolve your problems and repair your computer. All of our technicians are fully certified and trained to help resolve your computer support problems quickly and efficiently.

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Managed IT Services

As a Small and Mid-Size Business you are too busy concentrating on being competitive in your marketplace and leveraging your corporate strengths and expertise in order to continually drive business. You don’t have time to be concerned with whether or not your employees will be able to access the network or whether or not your network is going to be on-line long enough to allow you to print off your invoices. You have a more important issue to deal with, making money!

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Managed Security Services

Dolomite continually monitors market trends and security threats to anticipate and improve actions that may be needed to secure your business. If you are concerned with the global rise in security threats, contact Dolomite to have a complete network security audit completed on your network. Leverage Dolomite’s experience and security solutions, you can build a proactive approach to securing your data and resources. We’ll custom combine technologies tailored to fit your business such as Real-Time Data Backups, Anti-Virus, Instant Failover, Intrusion Monitoring, Protocol Control and more.

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Voice Over IP

Dolomite offers Business customers VoIP, Voice Over IP, phone communications integrated into the data network. VoIP allows both business and residential customers to make and receive calls anywhere they have an Internet connection. With cost savings up to 70%, VoIP is a cost effective way to scale your phone system as your business grows.

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Managed Backup & Storage Solutions

Dolomite’s Managed Backup and Storage Solutions take into account your current needs as well as expected future needs. We know that cost consideration are a key part of any implementation. We provide an expandable program that allows you to only pay for what you use, while still allowing you to grow when you need it.

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