Microsoft Windows 8 Support

Our team at Dolomite is prepared to introduce you to the new features of Windows 8 and advise you on its setup and operations as we get closer to the official Oct. 26 public release date.

As part of  the subscribing pool of the Partner and Developer tech groups that have worked with Microsoft over the past months on the several Windows 8 Pre-Release versions, we are impressed with company’s new, improved OS and think it well qualifies as a practical entrance into the next generation of computing.

Our Microsoft Windows 8 Support team will help you upgrade your computers and show you how the OS is poised to make the changing technology of computing easier and comfortable for homes and businesses alike. Microsoft created the new OS to keep up with and manage the constantly expanding terrain of mobile computing. In doing so, the company has made Windows 8 a game changer for computing by developing one user interface – the Modern UI – that can carry and unify all the new computing platforms.

Several OEM companies now have the final Release to Manufacturing (RTM) versions of the OS and are building desktop computers, laptops, ultrabooks and tablets that will be out in the market by the October 26 public release date. Microsoft is producing its own Surface tablets to make sure the OS is optimized. Smartphones made by Nokia and Samsung and carrying Windows 8 are expected to come out before the end of the year.

Dolomite can offer professional and experienced Microsoft Windows 8 Support from our Microsoft certified technicians. We can answer any questions you may have on the new OS as well as check your computers for upgrading. For businesses, we can discuss the new security, backup and other features of Windows 8 Enterprise and port the system to your computers.

Windows 8 is certain to be a game changer as Microsoft enhances its move into its frame of half a billion computers world-wide carrying varieties of Windows. Call us for any information on the new OS. We can review your computers systems and advise you on the best cost efficient routes for upgrading.

In our Windows 8 blog, we will continue to update you on the new features and any ongoing changes. So far, we have covered the following features:

  • Improvement in overall Computing Performance
  • A unifying home Start Screen over all platforms
  • Accessing Apps through live Tiles and keyboard shortcuts
  • Obtaining Apps from the Windows Store
  • Syncing your data across other platforms in the cloud
  • Accessing the Traditional Desktop
  • Better Task Manager
  • Universal Search and Spell-check
  • Multi-Monitor use
  • Improved Security and Backup Services

We are excited about the advent of the OS and will continue to offer more information on the above features and other Windows 8 topics. With our informed Microsoft Windows 8 Support team, we are ready to help you move into the next generation of computing, combining mobile and desktop computing under one streamlined Modern UI.