Dolomite is Your IT Solution. We provide 24×7 Managed Services, complete with a toll-free dedicated technical support line. No more waiting to get the IT support you paid for or getting lost in the shuffle. Since 1996 Dolomite has helped business get the IT support they need to get back to business.

Dolomite delivers complete IT solutions for business types of all sizes. We perform a complete business assessment of every organization, design and build the system infrastructure to help improve YOUR business, and then roll-out your customized IT Business Development solution. All steps are monitored, managed, and tracked at every level. Whether its infrastructure, storage, networking, Voice Over IP, security, database design or management, disaster recovery, managed hosting and remote managed services. Let us help you build the infrastructure and expand your technology capabilities.

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Are you having trouble finding the IT Solutions that best fit you? Contact us and talk to one of our IT Solutions experts and we will help match you to the service that best fits your business.