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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Dolomite provides assistance, support, and consulting for most major Electronic Medical Record systems. We can assist you in your endeauvors or manage your technology for you. We offer a full range of services that can handle up to 100 percent of your technology needs.

An Electronic Medical Record, also known as Electronic Health Record, is a tool that can greatly improve the accuracy of patient records. There are many benefits to using electronic files to include increased speed of medical care, improvements in checking for conflicts in care, greater efficiency, and improved security and privacy.

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides incentives to clinics who implement or upgrade to an Electronic Medical Record system. The incentive provides between $44,000 and $64,000 in reimbursement per professional for approved Electronic Medical Record Technology. For more information, please Click Here.


Medical Industry Solutions

Through our extensive linecard, Dolomite can provide solution options that precisely match each individual role with the solutions and products they need to improve their practice.

Acute Care Solutions

To more adequately address the needs of the Acute Care market, Dolomite provides options for care provider facilities address small (250 beds or less) and large (more than 250 beds) organizations. We understand the requirements to function at optimal efficiency, and its importanance that the solutions and technology they employ ensure the best care possible. Contact us to learn how we might be able to improve your facility.

Ambulatory Care Solutions

The Ambulatory Care segment of the healthcare market has specific needs and requirements. Dolomite has identified many solutions to specifically suit the provider, administrator, and payer roles within your healthcare practice.

Long-Term Care Solutions

As with the other healthcare segments, long-term care providers require the proper solutions to ensure the best possible results.

Top Solutions

One of the top Electronic Medical Record software solutions is Allscripts EMR. Allscripts has many great features including an intuitive workflow that allows for exchange between healthcare providers, hospitals, pharmacies, national labs, insurance companies, and patients. Software offers the combined practice management solutions for seamless workflow integration. This Electronic Health Record software that has garnered widespread clinician adoption and has been recognized as one of the industry’s leading EHR solutions and fully compatible with the “meaningful use” status or the ARRA requirements.