Microsoft Windows 2012 Server

How can the new Microsoft Windows Server 2012 packages help your business?  Whether yours is an office of 1-5, 10, 25 or 100 or more computers, Dolomite is prepared to help you get the right server software and hardware you need to streamline and optimize your business processes.

The new Windows Server 2012 is in line with Microsoft’s objective to consolidate its software under one backbone that can easily scale public and private cloud platforms. The face of that backbone is the Modern User Interface tiles that have been incorporated under Windows 8.

Simpler Consolidation

Under the Modern UI, the company has made its Server windows readily accessible to take advantage of a more powerful PowerShell command line face.  There is better management and quicker data transfer with the updated evolution of Microsoft’s Server Message Block (SMB) technologies.

The 12 versions of Windows Server 2008 R2 have been consolidated and simplified into the four versions of the Server 2012 package. Dolomite can show how your business could easily adapt to the smaller Server packages that could economically fit your business operations.

Windows Server 2012 packages are organized as:

  • Datacenter – unlimited virtual instances with full Server functionality,
  • Standard – two virtual instances with full Server functionality
  • Essentials  – no virtualization, pre-configured for cloud servers, 25 users
  • Foundation – no virtualization, general purpose OEM server, 15 users

Costs are estimated at $4,809 for Datacenter, $882 for Standard and $425 for Essentials (July, 2012). OEM manufacturers would offer server computers with bundled server software at different, lower prices.

Massive Scalability Design

Small businesses may not have to wield huge databases of customers and financials. In fact, many of these businesses may have been served by Microsoft’s less expensive Home Server packages. Dolomite can offer your business hosted server solutions that could fit your budget and prepare you to scale up to wider, future operations.

Big Data is the wave of the future and is used by larger corporations to mine Business Intelligence that could propel them into wider markets. Microsoft designed the Windows 2012 Server packages to have the ability to shift through and parse large information sets.

Whether large or small, all businesses have requirements to seamlessly parse data over servers without data loss. The massive scalability design of Windows Server 2012 was made to provide secure locking and transfer of large and small domain, email, web and virtualization platform data .

Command Line Data Transfers

Windows Server 2012 can now be scripted and controlled through the PowerShell command line across remote platforms. As easily as managing one server, up to 100 servers can be managed by through PowerShell by simply scripting processes and piping them from one to the other. Backup functions can be written as automatic scripts occurring weekly. Better control of software objects is allowed through command line scripts.

Microsoft has optimized its SMB protocols to handle faster and larger data transfers. The improved protocols have simplified former complex clustering architecture. Data is now processed by automatic cluster load balancing to scale and consistency through built-in arbitration that allows simultaneous and fault tolerance access by multiple cluster hosts over low CPU overhead.

Small Business Catapult

Whether you are updating your servers from Windows Server 2003 or 2008 to Windows Server 2012, or contracting for use of hosted services from our servers, Dolomite can advise and set up an outlay project planned for minimal interruption of your business.  We will make sure that you pay for what you need and that your small or large business is operating efficiently in the newly improved performance era.