The Live Chat Trend

Live chat is a great way to make it easy for your customers to contact you. If you like the idea of them having the capacity to go to your website and ask a live agent a question, you may want to look into live-chat.

Anyone home?

Recently, Ivana Taylor wrote an article for the American Express OPEN Forum about live chat and how it will make a company more available to consumers. Have you ever walked around a department store searching for an employee to answer your question? It’s annoying. With live chat, your customers won’t have that experience when visiting your website. They can ask you a question and get the response right away.

Live chat apps

There are many tools you can use for live chat that are both powerful and affordable. One simple app is called Olark’s live chat tool. Its simple design makes it simple to use, but it doesn’t have a lot of extra features. A few others that are a little more robust are, SnapEngage, and LivePerson. These allow business owners to use their mobile devices to live chat, which could be helpful if you are not always in front of a computer.

The trend

Customers today expect to hear back from businesses quickly when they have questions. If they don’t, these customers will move on to another company. That’s where live chat comes in. With chat apps, you can quickly give your customers with answers to their questions. You can more readily engage them in conversation. And when you do that, your chances of creating long-term customers are greater.