What Matters When You Are Hunting for a New Laptop

What really matters when you’re buying a new laptop? New York Times writer Sam Grobart suggests that it’s not processor speed or a laptop’s graphics card that counts. Instead, typical laptop buyers – those who want to search the Internet, watch movies, send e-mail messages, and write reports on their machines – look at more down-to-earth measures of a laptop’s worth. Specifically, Grobart recommends that consumers look at such mundane factors as a laptop’s weight, screen size, and memory.

Weight matters

The reason why weight is so important may be obvious. Laptops are designed to be portable. The more it weighs, the more stress it will put on your back as you tote it around. Look for a laptop that is less than 6 pounds. The good news is, most laptops weigh less then that.

Screen size

For those who will be watching a lot of videos or movies, a good screen size to shoot for is one that measures 13 inches diagonally. This is the perfect size to watch movies and it is small enough to carry around in most bags.


Another essential thing to search for in a laptop is the RAM, or random access memory. The recommendation is that consumers should purchase laptops that have no less than 4 gigabytes of RAM. Anything with less will move slowly. Anything above 4 gigabytes is unnecessary for most laptop users. One more thing you don’t need to be concerned about is the processor. Most laptops made today have processors that are fine for the needs of most people.